Some recent shrub work of mine

Discussion in 'Original Pictures Forum' started by brian mon, Aug 8, 2005.

  1. freddyc

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    I like the cork screw effect---kinda looks like a couple big springs! :)

    Nice work.... clean, even cutting, and completely changes the way the property looks from before.

    Nice job. I couldn't do that if I stayed there a year. :p In 4 hours I could have done the little ones...maybe...??
  2. gogetter

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    Looks good. Is that a regular customer of yours?

    If I had to do something with that much detail, I think I would actually consider either electric shears, or maybe even small battery powered ones.

    My smallest hedge trimmers are the Echo 1500's (20" I think?), and even they can kill my arms after a while. And that's just "normal" trimming. With that attention to detail my arms would be falling off and I'd probably slip and cut a nice chunk our of the spiral! LOL!

    I'd want something super lightweight and with a short blade for that kind of trimming.

    One of my customers has a small "teapot" shaped shrub, but she trims it herself.
  3. Lawnworks

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    Looks good! There is definately money in hedge trimming.
  4. sheshovel

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    Brian mon..when you do work like really should charge it by the job not the hour.I don't knoe ehat you charge an hour and it is non of my business,but just so you know That trimming is concidered skilled labor and for what I see in the pics I would have charged $125.00
  5. brian mon

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    Thanks all for the responses...

    Trimming something like this really is fun, as opposed to the normal hedge or shrub.

    They would be tough to trim if they were not started very early in there lives. These were planted and purchased with the spiral in them already.

    Yes regular customer...
    2 years now, said the guy who planted them said he would come back to trim them but never did.
    I asked him last year if I could trim them, this is twice now, they should be done more often but not sure he would pay for that.
    First time I tried electric hand shears, the Stihl hedge trimmers work the best. Just don't slip!

    Would that be $125. ph ??
    I know it's skilled...If you can get that much ph YOU GO GIRL !!
    I charged them $140. if you want to know, and thats total...

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