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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by mowisme, Nov 13, 2007.

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    I have made these observations since doing this type of work (1 1/2 years)- (A) Leaves are 'hard' work - and double hard for 54 w/hip getting replaced in 3 weeks. (B) Lawn vac's help but ain't worth a hoot when 'self propell' isn't working and bag nears it's limit (C) vac seems to pick up leaves better if not mulched first? (D) big varience in what customers want/ well as paying fast and not fast. (E) Stay away from customers wanting their 'hay field' mowed because 'other' guy left mid-season (D) many more observations, but lastly- You guys earn every penny! point blank!, and even thou it is hard work..It sure beats those 32 years in a brick factory with 'one' window that opened (and GOV said caulk it shut-germs) and might ad temp ranged from 95-125 in there with smoke filled halls. - What a change..wish done years ago. Geno
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    Welcome to the lawncare "club" Geno.
    Good luck with that replacement surgery. Hope you're out kickin leaves again soon.

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    sounds like your learning fast Geno!!! some of us find we're born to work outside. I never have to be rocked to sleep any nights. Good honest hard work . I love the smell of fresh cut grass especially in the cool season!!! its a sickness I know
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    Just wait until you get some years down the road, when you're that 'other' guy, I assure you the interesting observations never cease. :laugh:

    First the methods improve and then the rules evolve, but in summary it does get better with time.
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    Man, you are really preaching to the choir!!! We all feel pretty much the same way. We do work hard, yet we enjoy it. There is a simple satisfaction to what we do. There is no better feeling than looking back on job well.
    Good luck with the surgery. Hopefully, you'll bounce back quickly. Getting old sucks!!! I find myself waking up to aches and pains that I never had before.

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