Some scenic job pics.

Discussion in 'Heavy Equipment & Pavement' started by bearmtnmartin, May 12, 2011.

  1. bearmtnmartin

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    Never seem to post job pics, so here's a first. Nice little island job. Its an Ecoflo peat filter system. The whole thing is on a big rock, and I had to haul all the fill down the mountain 5 yards at a time, which is why it is not as well covered as it could be.

    Heres my haul road. I think Gravel Rat lives along here somewhere.

    Hard to see from the video but I think that road is about 20 per cent in spots. I am in 4 low with the engine brake on. I couldn't brake on the steep sections because the truck just slid. It took me till lunch time to get the knots out of my stomach.

    iphonemay92011 012.jpg

    iphonemay92011 020.jpg

    iphonemay92011 037.jpg

    iphonemay92011 035.jpg

    iphonemay92011 021.jpg
  2. Bleed Green

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    Looks like a very nice place to spend the day working, although it would make me wanna be on vacation.
  3. ARP

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    Beautiful photos. Must have been a fun job!
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  4. bobcat_ron

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    That's one cute little TLB.
  5. Jelinek61

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    Thats would be a fun job to get. You have some nice equipment....I'm liking that dodge, got any other pics of it?
  6. zak406

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    gravel rat USED to live there until big brother got him! :weightlifter:
  7. bearmtnmartin

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    Well, how about this one with the fan club!

    cameraincludingcupcakessept21 2010 088.jpg

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