Some serious "chaffing"!!!

Discussion in 'General Industry Discussions' started by stevo22, Jul 19, 2003.

  1. Here’s my solutions. No underware. Wear a long loose shirt that falls down over the front of the jeans. Why? Because during the heat of the day, my fly is WIDE open, and the shirt covers up even when the wind is blowing. That keeps things well ventilated which is the root cause of the problem. That being excess moisture in the nether regions. So you don’t want to use anything but a dry lubrication. That’s why you’ll ALWAYS find a box of Corn Starch just behind the seat of my truck. NOTHING works better. Instant relief, 100% dry lubrication, and it’s cheap so you can apply tons of it when needed. LOL
  2. T-Bar

    Try a G-Sting and spread some sand on it, that might help.

    They got spray for chaffing.
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    I have the miracle product. It is called lip medex by blistex. Make sure to get the blue can. About the same diameter as a quarter and around 1 1/2 tall. Sometimes very hard to find and other times I see shelves of it. I have recently seen it at CVS if you have any around you. As soon as you put it on you feel SOOOOO much better and can walk, jump, run, or whatever. If you put it on at night it will be all cleared up by morning. I use it on the onset of cold sores on my nose. As soon as you feel one coming on, keep appling it thru out the day and they go away before they get to sore. I also use it on cuts and oh yeah, my lips when they get chapped. Great stuff, I usually buy 2 or 3 cans when I find it just so I always have some.
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    If it doesn't go away your simply either overweight and/or working too hard..

    Hire some good helpers.
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    No pics?

    Please don't.
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    nope---don't need to lose weight...i am 6 2, 220lbs 10% body fat..i can bench 280 for reps and squat 485 for reps...just got big trunks...i appreciate all of the feedback...after resting up this weekend, should be good to go next week with all of the starch, oitment etc...hey, i wonder if the wife's tounge down there would do some good...maybe not but i bet that i wouldn't complain...:D :D
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    I switched to boxers and loose clothing, it worked for me. I sweat more than normal also and had a serious chaffing problem until I made some changes. If you walk like John Wayne, you're out of luck though. Walk more like George Bush, he throws his legs out wide, maybe a product of working out. Watch him walk, he's pumped up and looks like he just came from the gym every time I see him on tv.
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    As often as you need to during the day. Is much cheaper than most the other products listed and does the same thing.

    Boxers are good if you like them. I have the long briefs, though they don't go down to my knees :confused:

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    steveo--unfortunately part of your problem is where you live.

    an average day for you guys might be 92 degrees and 97% humidity.

    for us the same day would be 83 degrees and 72% humidity.

    try mowing in some poplin BDUs. they are great but you do look like the militia!:eek:


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