Some serious "chaffing"!!!

Discussion in 'General Industry Discussions' started by stevo22, Jul 19, 2003.

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    Balmex with Zinx Oxide. I keep a tube of it in my truck at all times.
    Go to an army surplus store an purchase a couple pairs of "summer weight" BDU's. Used or well washed BDUs seem to breath better. Wear boxers or go comando. Good luck
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    Aquaphor It has glycerin, lanolin and ceresin in it which makes it last longer then petrolatum jellies and also helps it heal quicker. You find it in the infant or baby section of almost any store. this was recomended to us by our peditrician for diper rash which if you actually realize it is chaffing
    on the little ones. good stuff.

    good luck.
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    once it hurts use hydrocortisone.
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    coming up on 1000 views...amazing that so many folks have had problems with this area...good reading...after a good rest the crotch rot was gone...this is not jock itch, it is not on the family jewels is from my shorts getting wet from sweat, binding/bunching up when walking and rubbing me raw on the upper thighs close to the jewels...i guess i will try the medicated gold bond, corn starch method a few times a bad as the temp/humidity is here now, i will prob have to apply 4-5 times a day...prob will try some type of long type snug fit under wear also...desitin when i rest...many thx...
  5. The root cause of chafing and fungal infections is moisture. Loose clothes with plenty of ventilation will prevent these problems most of the time. When it doesn’t, use only DRY lubrication during the workday. You can use medicated powders, but they’re expensive compared to simple cheap cornstarch which can be used in large quantities. All you have to do is pull your rig in the back corner of a commercial lot and step outside your truck to apply a whole heaping handful of it.

    After work, you can get creative with medication. I used to get the “itch” and would soak a wash cloth with a Hydrogen Peroxide - Alcohol mixture and burn-scrub the nether regions for relief. But again I realized the problem was residual moisture from putting my pants on before I was FULLY dry. After a shower, I’ll use a blow-dryer to dry my hair (if you know what I mean). Since I’ve been doing that, along with wearing ventilated attire, the “itch” is gone and rarely have to apply the starch.
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    Boudreaux's butt paste works wonders.
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    The only problem with using corn starch or other dry powers throught the day is that by the end of the day you have a huge Loaf of sweat and powder mix left in your shorts. Why not just start out the day with a simple preventitive like aquaphor ( a dab will do ya) and come home with out a batch of bread brewin in your shorts?
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    That is hilarious :D
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    Don't laugh too hard. It could happen to you. The butt paste is the best. It works just as well for adults as kids. It will put out the :blob2:
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    I get the same problem every now and then. Has anyone thought of or tried just wearing swim trunks that have the mesh inside and skip the undies all together? Just thought of that from some earlier posts. Wonder if it might be the easiest fix without all the medications, etc.

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