Some sort of chinch bug?

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by Whitey4, Jul 4, 2008.

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    Setup... two adjoining properties, one gets plenty of irrigation and proper amounts of fert, the other never egts watered, and no ferts applied. Of course, the first property has a full thick stand of mixed cool season grasses, the other is dry, full of thatch and quite a few weeds.

    They both developed circular dead patches of turf in a very sunny location, at about the same time. At first I thought it was a fungus problem, but when the next house got it, I had to think other than fungus, with such water starved turf.

    I did the chinch bug flotation test with a 39oz coffee can and lukewarm water. In about 5 minutes, there were at least 100 extremely small white nymphs of some sort that floated to the top. Some were sort of "twitching" as they floated on top of the water, but they were white... not what I expected to see. I did not see any adult chinch bugs, just these small white nymphs which were so small they are hard to even see. No big eyed bugs either. I'm stumped. I know it isn't grubs, cant be a fungus since one property gets no irrigation and we've had little rain... what are these bugs? Are they the cause of these circular dead round spots?

    At the edges of the dead spots, there are blades of grass that look healthy for 1", and then completely dead, straw colored. A lot like dollar spot, but no green in the blades from the brown border towards the end of the leaf.

    Any suggestions /guesses welcome!
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    Do the "Tug Test" sir......Sounds like BILLBUG Damage.

    If Yes, then plan on Seeding in the Fall AND, Merit next APRIL.

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    Could be necrotic ring spot:

    The insects could be leaf hoppers. Common. Check the non-infested areas, also. Leaf hoppers don't do a lot of damage, but they make a tiny brown spot where the suck the juices out. You see them fly as you walk through the grass, but you can seldom spot them after they land. They are amazing; if you spot one on a leaf blade and approach it with your finger. It just disappears--because they jump so fast and so far.
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    I treated with diazinon yesterday.... so if it's bilbug or bluegrass weevil, hopefully that will be a curative. Thanks for the fast replies! I guess i might eventually invest in a mocroscope.... these things were tiny.
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    I don't think it's ring spot... the affected areas are circular, and from 3 to 7 or so inches wide, pretty localized, but one spot did jump over a sidewalk. I tried to use my hand held magnifier, but had trouble getting enough light to see much of anything. I never saw any sign of adult bugs at all.... just these very small white worm-like shaped nymphs (I call them) ... no discernable head or tail to the naked eye.... just white and worm-like. In fact, to the naked eye they are very hard to see even when floating in the water. Because some of them were "twitching" was maybe why I saw them at all, but there had to be well over a hundred of them as I mentioned.
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    Nymph Chich Bugs are orange in color.
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    Yeah, that's why I said I was surprised to see these white worm like nymphs.... I knew these weren't chinch bugs... but had to have some kind of topic starter...
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    I have one attached to my belt..... but there wasn't enough light to use it when looking deep into the turf. Actually, I mentioned this already as well.... I could have used a mcroscope if I had taken some of these larvae out of the water. That would have helped me identify this insect.

    I often find the X10 magnifier isnt as useful as I'd like.... at least when trying to look deeply at turf. My big dopey head blocks too much light. I probably need some sort of flashlight when I get on my stomache to investigate turf issues. A third hand would be helpful too.....

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