Some Thanksgiving Thoughts

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    I am Thankful for having a Lord who has saved me and provided all this-

    1. I am Thankful to have a wonderful wife and 4 healthy children, all of who love me.

    2. I am Thankful for owning a lighting business that I enjoy, and that the Lord has blessed.

    3. I am Thankful for the glorious weather we have had so far this season. easily the best for install season ever.

    4. I am Thankful for my employees, who have shown up each day, for the most part, and have worked hard.

    5. I am Thankful for my health.

    6. I am Thankful for all personal and business vehicles being paid off, no credit card debt, and only 4 years left to pay on the shop.

    7. I am Thankful for our new home we are renting this year. it fits my family and life perfectly.

    8. I am Thankful for my wifes family that lives in this area and how they love and accept me as one of their own.

    9. I am Thankful especially workwise for my wife, my daughter Anna and my sister in law Megan who have all helped a ton this season with mini-lights, bookkeeping, delivering items to guys, and of course helping manage our busy household.

    10. I am Thankful for my great church home and all the family that comes with it.

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