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Some times bigger is better My observations on my mowers

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Kelly's Landscaping, Jun 19, 2004.

  1. Kelly's Landscaping

    Kelly's Landscaping LawnSite Platinum Member
    Messages: 4,684

    I picked up my newest lazer this past Tuesday and over all I do love her but she has some much different handling characteristics then my other one. These are my observations from the weeks cutting.

    My new Lazer has some of the best hp per inch of blade your ever see. It’s the smallest deck they make with the largest engine option. Its a 44 inch 20 hp Kohler lazer Zhp.

    1 the cut is awesome very even and clean.

    2 the deck size fits in gates where I had to use a push mower before even my WB could not fit in some of the new spaces I can go now.

    3 it’s difficult to fit but the deck allows a side bagger when needed basically the wheels are only about 1 inch smaller in width then the deck.

    4 the pick up is so quick and her top speed is double that of 4th gear on my WB it has doubled the second mower guys speed.

    5 one thing iv found that came as a surprise is the deck has no over hang at all so I can not cut under anything unless the whole side of the mower can go under it so there’s a little more trimming.

    6 she is very light at 950 pounds I can lift the front of the deck and hold it by my self tilted all the way back with out a jack if need be. This I can not dream of with my 60 inch lazer

    7 its light enough to drive up ramps to get on top of retaining wall areas I cut on several lawns.

    8 it has a much smaller wheel base then my 60 which does seem to increase the bumps one of the reasons I absolutely hated the stander when we tried it for a few days long ago thankfully its no where near as bad as one of those.

    9 something that IV noticed is how bad she is on hills she cannot hold in fact I managed to slide off one hill this week. I do push the limits and like to know what my machines are capable of and this has been an eye opener. You see the small ZTR tends to pull downward and has no place to even add weights at a mere 950 pounds plus gas and rider with a short wheel base and smaller tires I am finding 10-15 degree slopes to be dangerous.

    In contrast my big lazer is a 27 hp kohler 60 inch which is like 1100 pounds naked add on 100 pounds of weight in the front and 300 pounds of weight in the form of my trac vac system on the back plus grass clippings rider and gas and it can weigh in 1700-1900 pounds. It has a longer wheelbase and larger tires what I have known for a long time and perhaps it’s because of the weight but it sticks to hills I mean she really takes them well. 30-35 degrees with ease some times steeper if they are not very high.

    I guess they each have there purpose and while the little ZTR is a great replacement for the WB it is no replacement for a full size ZTR which is why come next months billing cycle the big lazer will be getting a brand new twin brother.

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