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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Tony Harrell, Jul 4, 2002.

  1. Tony Harrell

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    I ordered some parts from my local dealer about a month ago. I've been patient. The dealer calls the distributor and says it's on backorder, time and again. After a month, I went to the next level (I don't blame the dealer, how can I?). I happen to work my full time job in Winston-Salem, NC where the distributor is located. The four women in there were not concerned at all that I needed my parts and gave me the impression that it was verboten to question it. It's backordered and that's apparently all I needed to know. So I took it to the next level. I asked for the telephone number of the factory. OMG! You would have thought I asked for GOD's telephone number. She told me that they didn't really like people calling them. I told her that if they didn't want to hear from their customers, maybe the eXmark guy about 6 miles away would. After all, we're not talking about a designer couch here. We're talking about parts for a machine that I generate income with. I still can't believe this happened. I did get the factory number and spoke to a really nice guy that promised to have an answer for me on my cell phone monday (it was about 4:30 wednesday when I called). Either way, factory, of them let me down. It's gonna be really hard for me to buy that brand again and it's a shame because I like it alot and the local dealer. Sorry for the rant, I feel a little better now.
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    Tony, I give you lots of credit for tolorating their work ethics, but if you can get your parts only six miles away, with little hassle, wouldn't it benifit you to dump this dealer and go to the one ten minutes away? Time is money as we all know. TBT:)
  3. Tony Harrell

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    Yeah, it makes more sense. But I live 36 miles away and when I go full time, it might be a problem. I drive a company truck to work in W-S. You know, I could have been satisfied if that women just showed me a little concern. I forgot to add that while this was going on, a really nicely dressed lady came in with a stack of papers and really let them all have it because they were not getting her the faxes from Great Dane. I thought she was going to fire someone. Man, what's the point of having a distributor if you have to wait so long?
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    Dont leave us hanging what brand is it????????
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    u handled it just rite. now follow thru ,unless u are doing work for them or plan to. u have all the cards and no matter how they act ,they know it.they dont want a call about a staff ,customer service seminar. u keep squeakin,the right person will hear it. and his job is lubrication. u may get some dirty looks
    but, never had one to hurt me yet.
    now in truth its better to keep it on a more respectful level . but like someone said buisiness an all. good luck
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    I didn't want to reveal the brand in case it is a distributor problem because after visiting there, that's what I think it is. I would get it somewhere else but, it's a part for the frame. J Thomas has a lot of parts but not this one. It's really kind of an off hand part that I don't blame anyone for not stocking, a battery box and platform. But, a part needed is a part needed. I replaced my engine with an electric start and the battery is just strapped down, not safe or professional. I know I can make it but why? I'm not really a neat freak but I do like things to be right.
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    tony are we talkin bout carswell? or outdoor power equipment?
  9. Tony Harrell

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  10. strickdad

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    we useually get good service out of them.. its outdoor we have trouble with..

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