Somebody Lending Me Land For Free

Discussion in 'Nurseries and Growers' started by landscapetastic, Aug 18, 2012.

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    Sometime ago I found a ad on craigs list about land that somebody is letting people use for free. I responded and met with the guy, I told him I wanted to grow trees on it. I asked him what it was in for him , he said nothing and that he wanted to help somebody out. You can use the land for free. What type of legal protection should I have before planting trees on it , since trees are a big commitment before selling them 5- 7 years from now. I live in NY
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    You are blessed to have this opportunity. Ask the owner if he would have any objections
    Leasing the land to you for say a $1.00 per year. If he agrees find an attorney that handles leases and or contract law. Have an agreement drawn up protecting both of your rights, make sure it is a multiple year agreement. Check with your a accountant as well to see if there are any special filings needed for your state. If the owner agrees. I wish you both a long and profitable relationship.
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    This could go down hill very fast:confused:
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    U wont have much money involved not that big of risk, I say give it a shot
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