Somebody started mowing one of my account while I was there

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by bigshoe, Apr 30, 2004.

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    Well, the title pretty muck says it! Me and a worker where at a condo property that we do today building up some beds in the rain. And all of a sudden I hear faintly hear a mower did not think much of it their was another company mowing another condo property, but all of the sudden it sounds really close and the guy that was with me started yelling my name so I go over to the truck to see what is going on and here is this guy on a lazer z cutting! So we both run over to him to see what was going on he was new did not know, these property's look identical so it is understandable. but we noticed where he had cut was a little low we just cut it yesterday so you can tell so my guy says we just cut it! and the guy on the lazer says I thought it looked kind of low and was not cutting much so I lowered my blade height and that was the start of the fun. So he goes on his way and we walk back to the truck and decide we better go see what he had cut and we where way in the back so we get in the truck and head toward the front sure enough he cut about 7 or 8 front yards took gouges out hit tree roots you name it. So I call the boss and he is there in about two minutes he freaks and goes and talks to the guys and finds the crew leader who speaks very little english say he will call his boss etc.etc. So me and the boss leave to go get the camera to take some pictures and leave my guy there and the crew leader from the other company comes to look and states that it could not have been them because it is to low, So my guy takes him over shows him where we stopped him now he says there is no way he did not have enough time wtf look at what he did you can obviously tell it was not me I did not even have a mower with me. So his boss finally shows up and says it looks like you guys cut shorter then us and we cut at 4" yesterday look across the street where we had cut see the difference so he shut up about. But they are going to pay for the damage so it is OK sorry for the long post.
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    Show us the pictures.
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    RV I will did not have the digital went and bought a disposable really quick so they would still be there when we got back! I will not be able to post until Monday at the earliest who knew it took that long to develop, must be the digital age.

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