Someone already mowed?????

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by MOW ED, Apr 30, 2005.

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    I got a new customer earlier in the spring and he signed on for the spring clean, dethatching, fertilizing and weekly mowing. The property is about 16K sq ft with a nice amount of trimming. High profile property. I did the spring clean and fertilized in early April. The grass had grown but it had not reached the point of needing to be cut until this week. Yesterday was my first full day out and I show up to the place and it has been cut. It was obvious that a big Z had done the job. The place really looked good. In the corner sat my flags from the earlier fertilize job.
    I walked up and rang the bell, no one home. I walked the property, man it looked good. I was pissed because this is a nice account so I wrote a note asking the homeowner to call me. I also called and left a polite message on the machine.
    When I got home there was a message waiting for me from the customer. He said that he has no idea who mowed and he figured it was me!!!! He said that he had not renewed his contract with his old company from last year and as far as he is concerned I am to mow his lawn. He said that he will call the old company to see if they showed up but he will definately tell them to stay away.
    Whew, I know customers come and go but I was thinking bad things when I showed up there. Truthfully, I was behind yesterday and not having to mow there put me even but I still was very puzzled.
    I wonder who is gonna get stiffed out of that payment.... Not me payup
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    I came up on one of my properties and a do gooder neighbor had done it while the owner says she was out of town. She said he did it without her knowledge :rolleyes: Some old retiree looking to pass the time. The owner was really poed she said. She said he didnt do a good job. And then she slipped up and said "he didnt do what I told him to do" lol I put the fear of God into her lol I wasted my time and gas..... She called me back in 3 days and said come cut it again.
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    I think I may have charged her for that visit.....the least she could have done is called you to save the trip......
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    This woman has had brain surgery and we are saturated with LCos like most everybody else. I have been cutting her yard for 14 years. I learned its best just to look really disturbed and walk off lol A extra charge would be goodbye to that yard
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    i learned not to wait until it "needs" to be cut.
    i do my clean ups (thatch and fertilize, general clean up), then within 2 weeks from that date, i am mowing no matter what.
    people, especially in a high end area as you stated don't usaully think as rationally as you do, its all about appearance and keeping up with the neighbors.
    why wait anyway, go make the money. if someone happens to comment about you being there, which is very very rare that someone doesn't want to the place to look neat regardless, just say i'm "stimulating growth" :) or cut it a hair shorter then you normally would, or did for the clean up, and you'll see a difference.
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    I pulled up to a new account that opened 5 weeks ago, and there are three guys finishing up a mow and spray out! This is the crew my client fired at the end of last season for various problems. So, I call her at work, tell her what's going on and she agrees to call them with a butt chewing.

    I only have one paranoid worry. This is a "premier" account and really good for my growth into this neighborhood. The client is a little easy going (usually a good thing), and it makes me wonder if she will bring old guys back on, regardless of their past screw ups. She prepaid for first five visits and pre-emerge and fresh needles. However, she has not returned her contract which begins on May 1st.
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    I hate when the do gooder comes by. :)

    They almost always screw it up. Mostly, they cut way to short and virtually burn up the grass and all of the progress I had made on the lawn to date. :realmad:

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