someone get me started with an organic lawn application

Discussion in 'Organic Lawn Care' started by ant, May 18, 2004.

  1. ant

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    ok, i been thinking about it for sometime now and would like to try to:
    1. first do my home lawn with organic applications to see the results.(i only applicated dimension on the lawn so far)
    2. then introduce a program to my lawn clients.
    i spoke to my uhs rep and they recomended ROOTS products but was not sure of the application.
    can someone get me started?

    what is the cost per/m?
    how many app. per season?
    thanks ant
  2. ChickensDoo

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    Hey Ant, go to all info you need to get started. i believe you can also try
    you can buy products thru either source and save a bunch of money compared to Roots products.
  3. Hamons

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    from my research Roots products arer fantastic -- but they are pricey.

    I am going to look into maybe yusing a roots product for my summer application. I like there 8-2-6. That would be nice spread at about 6#/1000. I don't have pricing for this product They are also distributed through prosource one so you don't have to pay gargantuan shipping.

    There 14-3-5 would be a good fall fert. I beleive last years prices for it was about $30/bag. So if I want to put down 2.5# of N in the fall it would cost me about $11/1000 total for my last two fall apps.


    nutrients plus is also good, but lacks the added microbes and the added carbohydrates. PLUS with shipping to KS the price for there products goes up substantially. There 16-2-3 is around $17 or $18 per bag for me. I noticed on their site though that New Jersey it is only $11.32 -- much better priced.
  4. pryker

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    Do you guys have a URL for the ROOTS products?

  5. AWesoloski

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    I have a 1.5 acres home lawn. This is the 3rd summer with the new lawn. I seeded it myself back then. I would like to begin using organic methods to feed the soil. Unfortunately I applied Scotts Turfbuilder to the lawn about 1 month ago. I never fertilixed heavily before – spring and fall so hopefully I didn't damage it too badly. Now I decide to research! Duh. Would it be advisable to add a alfalfa pellets ($6.76/50 lb bag locally) or something similar now or wait until fall? I always cut at the highest height and mulch cut. Do have quite a bit dandelion growth. I think our lawn is a bit thin in areas as well, but if I understand it, as the lawn matures and feed the soil properly it will fill in, am I correct? Any thoughts or advise?

  6. craigs lawncare

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    Cutting your lawn higher is a good idea. The question is... how long are you leaving the grass, when you mow all the way up? Last year I was cutting my lawn pretty high. About four and one half inches. Not all the way up on my mower but approaching that point. The lawn was extremely lush all summer, but this year I am cutting shorter. I plan on holding the hight somewhere at or just under 4 inches. During the course of last winter I noticed my grass had developed a fungus on it. I attributed it to just simply being left to long over the winter. This fall I intend to mow it even shorter at three and one half inches as the mowing season ends to avoid the fungus and matting.

  7. Hamons

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  8. AWesoloski

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    Thanks for the response Craig. I see you are in MI – where abouts? Get any rain lately? May has been one of the coolest and rainiest in a long time arounfd here. At times we're 15-20 degrees below normal up here in NE WI.

    The top height is about 4". I seem to cut it there all the time, although I do recall cutting it shorter before winter.

    Organic fertilizing tips? Should I apply something now or wait until fall? I'm kind of thinking I could and hopefully neutralize the turfbuilder I already applied.

  9. Garden Panzer

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    An organic lawn program would look something like this:
    2 Fe sulfate aps in feb-march, gotta have your lawn black on King Day
    1 lb N via Milorganite on tax day, watered in with Roots Fe8, here's the link for roots:
    1 lb N @ Memorial Day via Milorganite watered in again with Roots Fe8
    Irrigated site gets another 1 lb N @ July 4 w/ Fe8
    Labor Day 1 lb N w/ Roots Fe8 and Supertrace
    Halloween 1 lb N w/ Fe8 & Supertrace
    Thanksgiving 1 lb N w/Fe8 & Supertrace
    here's a link for CHEAP humic acids:
  10. TurfProSTL

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    6 lbs N per year in your area? :confused:

    I would think you would be able to cut that rate of N by half, using good quality organic-based fetilizers.....

    Sorry, but I didn't have time to check the links. Is there any potassium delivered with this program? I know that Milorganite doesn't provide any. Maybe you have potassium-rich soils in the Great Northwest - I don't know. :eek:

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