Someone mowing my account (wierd situation)

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Envy Lawn Service, May 21, 2006.

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    OK, I have this customer I mow for and this customer also pays me to mow their mother's house, which happens to be in a neighborhood I have mowed in for years. But I just started doing the mother's house this year which is good for me because I also mow a neighboring account right there.

    Well, the mother has had this renter for years, and in all the years I have ever mowed on that street, the renter has never kept up his lawn like he is supposed to. This is something I have always noticed and my customers complain about. But I've never said anything you know, just let them talk. In addition it has been an issue that came up with my customer and the mother as well.

    The renter's lawn is real small and I offered to just do it for a few bucks more while I was there IF they would "pick up" before I come. But I didn't get it... renter's responsibility, let him do it. OK, no big deal, but I would have offered to do it for the renter for a few bucks if I ever ran into him, but never have.

    Well, all has been going good. Then week before last, I run into the customer and I am told not to worry about the mother's lawn this week because the renter cut it while his mom was gone the other day... according to what a neighbor told the mother. So I was puzzled, thinking this is totally out of character, and he mowed it 'with what?' because it's a good sized lawn. But I thought no problem and figured I might even cut a little slack given the situation, as some won't even help their own mother these days.

    Well, I show up to cut in the neighborhood and the mother flags me down and asks me would I please go ahead and mow her lawn too (I usually cut hers before the one I'm on). I explain what I was told and she says yeah, but it's a mess. Some stuff isn't even cut, nothing is trimmed... you do such a good job and I know you can straighten it up for me.

    So I go mow it, and she is right. She might be old, but she's not blind... which causes some later confusion with my customer that pays for it, as I charged for it and didn't cut slack when asked "what do I owe you this time". But it didn't cause a problem. I went right on and figured no big deal, and it was...

    Well, today (saturday) I get a message from another customer on the street that I had talked with about this. Turns out that now (2 weeks later) as soon as the mother left and no one was at home later on saturday afternoon, the renter goes out, unhooks his johnboat from his Bronco and rides off. A little while later he returns pulling a pretty nice landscape trailer of stuff just like 2 weeks ago. But a differently equipped trailer of the same style and a little bigger mowers on it.

    Not only does he park in the street, which even I don't do in the area even being familiar with most folks, but he also parks on the wrong side of the street headed the wrong way. He and 3 other guys pop out of the Bronco, roll off a fullsize Toro Z, and a midsize Toro walkbehind. 2 guys mow and 2 guys trim, and they are over there disturbing the neighborhood almost an hour cutting the renter's lawn and the mothers... throwing grass all in the street, ect, with cars passing, and when they are done one guy spends 10 minutes or so riding up and down the street using the walkbehind as a blower to blow the clippings across the street into the neighbors lawn, and off the driveway into the adjoining neighbors lawn.

    Once done, they loaded back up and hauled off just like last time.

    And in all that time, with 4 guys, they still didn't manage to cut and trim everything. Missed spots, ect. So I'll have the same thing to deal with again this week coming. I guess this is going to be a bi-weekly thing?

    Freakin stupid, and if nothing else, freakin strange if you ask me. You'd just have to be me and have been in this neighborhood as long as I have to understand. Wierd and out of character. Geez, I don't get it at all or the sudden motivation to not only cut his lawn but the one I'm cutting as well.

    Also, this renter is NOT an LCO, nor is he the type I would think would know an LCO with stuff like that. I'd almost bet one of his buddies works for an LCO and they ride over and hook up to one of his trailers late on saturday to come do this all hush-hush. That's what it really seems and sounds like to me.

    Both trailers have been unmarked though, so...

    Anyways, I've ran into similar situations where someone cut my account, but never have I ran into one quite like this. The wheel reinvented I guess... LOL.

    Ever wondered if any of your guys come and hook up to your stuff to go do favors for friends or cut a few lawns of their own on the weekends? LOL?
  2. Palmer'sLS

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    that is wondering if this "renter" is findin a differnt trailer every week though.....just a thought...if you know what i mean
  3. PaulJ

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    If it looks fishy call the authorities. He doesn't have the owners permission tove on that property. He's disturbing the peace. the stuff might be hot. Or confront him directly. just ask whats going on? and see what his story is. Let you customers in on this show to.
  4. Envy Lawn Service

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    Well, I've not been there to see it, nor has the paying customer or the mother.

    The first time, the neighbor told the mother, who told the payer when they came by to visit and saw it.

    Second time, the a neighbor is who saw it again and no one else. (my customer)

    The renter is gone when I am there cutting, so it's hard to ask him.
    Not sure what the customer and the mother will want to do on this with the renter.

    I don't think it's random trailers though.
    Both nice black double axle split gates. (not something I see)
    One longer, one shorter.
    One with racks and all, one without.

    Both carrying Toro equipment.
    One with walkbehinds, one with a walkbehind and ZTR.
    All with the same SFS deck...
    Customer who called said both times they were all 'Toro SFS' mowers... LOL.
    And that the little one pulling the one guy on the little wheel thing looked brand new.

    Just to me sounds like the property of a single, seasoned LCO to me.
    Same style trailers, all one brand of equipment, a walkbehind newer than a rider...
    But not the actions or work of one...
  5. ftgulal

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    envy, what part of north carolina are you in?
  6. Brianslawn

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    all the video surveilence here.... nobody so much as pics their nose without being caught. some trucks may or may not have gps tracking in them. thats all ill say about that.
  7. Envy Lawn Service

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    This is funny, but it seems to have worked so far... knock on wood...

    Well somewhere along the way I found out the guy doing this got injured. So what I did was the next week I worked out rescheduling the route. It had been dry here so I could play around with that. Between one cut and the next we got a lot of rain. So things were looking pretty ratty when I got there.

    I unloaded and started cutting away. And as I started out my trim pass along the front of the house... when I reached the corner... well I just kept trucking right straight along... and I kept right on mowing straight across until I reached that side of the offender's driveway. I took no pains in mowing around things there and just kept on.

    From there I just finished out the front lawn. The end result was that I mowed his front lawn over to his drive, and back from the street even with the front of my customer's house. So about half of his front lawn on that side of the drive. Between the houses I mowed over to where obstacles began in his yard. Then trimmed my customer's lawn and loaded up.

    When I drove away, it looked like he had started mowing his lawn and the mower and trimmer broke down. Looked like _____ !!! And it stayed ratty looking like that until he got better.

    In the end, I think the POINT was well taken.

    I have had no more such problems since.......
  8. Brianslawn

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    good boy, envy.
  9. Sandgropher

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    I mowed some one elses account once, got the numbers mixed up, it should have been the one next door , left an invoice and got paid for both.:laugh:

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