Someone PLEASE tell me how this happened... I am baffled.

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by ALarsh, Sep 14, 2007.

  1. ALarsh

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    Ok so heres the deal. I drop my worker off at a stop with 5 lawns to do, while I head out to do a couple estimates and 2 lawns on the other side of town. I drop him off, don't hear anything from him. I am coming back and the lawns look great. I stop for a second to see hows he doing and ask him what I should do. He then goes ahead to tell me that the oil dip stick "came off" (27hp kohler), as it was sitting on the stem but not in the correct "pushed down" position. It was "spitting oil all over the place", on the muffler, air filter canister, etc. I ask him how he found out that the oil dip stick was not in correctly and he tells me that he could smell something burning, and it happened to be oil on the exhaust when he stopped. He pushed the dip stick back down and kept mowing.

    So I go ahead and take a look, there is oil on the air filter cansiter and some parts around. I pull the dip stick and notice it is bent, then I notice that the stem that the dip stick sits in is also slightly bent towards the throttle linkage. I ask him if he hit anything/swing get stuck in there and he said no he didn't hit anything and what I found the most odd was that nothing around the dip stick stem was bent. All is like it is supposed to be, but my oil dip stick and stem were bent in, towards the throttle linkage. I bent it back by hand and it is fine now...

    The only thing I can think of is that he was backing into a tree and a branch pushed the dip stick stem and bent it inwards, bending the dip stick and spitting oil on the exhaust/air filter.

    Is this realistic? Anybody have this happen to them?
  2. Runner

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    It is very possible (and you know as well as we all do) that he may have backed up into something without even being aware of it. A low branch from a lilac could do it (just an example), and it is possible that one would not even know.
  3. Sandgropher

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    And even if he did know he might not tell you ;) It just happened like magic :rolleyes:
  4. Budget

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    I was thinking the same thing he back into something not knowing and moved on. I did the same and lost the rain cap for my air intake :cry: :hammerhead:
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    We caught the air filter on something (didnt see it happen), on our 27 Kohler, and it bent the whole (crappy design) mounting plates for the filter. In turn, this pulled the choke cable, and things started to not run right. Once we realized what had happened, we disconnected the choke cable until things could be fixed, and everything was ok.
  6. causalitist

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    stuff like that happens.. what concerns me the most is that he just put it back in and kept mowing!

    if he didnt check the oil level to me thats much worse.. first he has an honest accident.. but if he ran the engine with unknown oil levels thats not an accident.

    i was mowing around a bush with my 21" and the oil cap got snagged on a branch or somthing and came off,, oil was shooting 5ft high lol

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