Someone stole my leaf cleanup

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Expert Lawns, Oct 24, 2003.

  1. Expert Lawns

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    Has this ever happened to any of you?

    I have an account across the street from me. I came home from class one day to find another LCO parked there doing a leaf cleanup on MY ACCOUNT! I just don't get why they would hire an entirely different company to do it. What I'm hoping is that they received a flyer for a cheapo cleanup, called that company and hired them. The reason why I say this is because this guy was there from about 9am to 7pm. Now, if my figures are correct....that is about a $1,000,000 job. He had a scag walk behind with a bagger and was using home depot bags to dispose of the leaves. He seemed very nice and very professional. Newer truck, brand new trailer. The leaf cleanup wasn't done very well though. Leaves still in flowerbeds, inside the tennis court, and various other places. Sorta feel bad for him, he might be new at this and doesn't know how to bid. If it took him all day and he only bid it for $100 or so (which i'm thinking he did) then he really go in over his head. I guess what I'm asking is has this happened to you guys? Did you contact your customer and ask them why? Is it any of my business? Gosh, this would have been about a $300 job for me. Kinda bummed about it. :(
  2. wriken

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    Similar situation for me, I mow, tg/cl does the fert, and another lco does the clean-up. Client said they have done the clean-up for years. I could'nt believe how much she told my crewleader they were charging for it, bout 20 less then I would have.
  3. Rich's Lawn Care

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    Did you do the clean-up last year?
  4. Expert Lawns

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    Fall cleanup last year and spring cleanup this year. They told me they were very pleased with all our work. so.......I'm clueless
  5. STAN1366

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    Do you mean they have another LCO doing a cleanup only because it's $20 less than what you would charge? Why should they bother? A few years back there was an LCO doing 3 houses across the street from 3 that I do. He NEVER did a cleanup for anyone of them. Just chopped up the leaves till the end of October and then it was "see ya in the spring." They asked me to do a cleanup at one of these places 2 yrs. in a row which I did, even though I knew the other guy would be there next spring. Well, one by one, they canned this guy and hired me. It's nice parking in one spot and doing 6 houses.
  6. Rich's Lawn Care

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    you need to call them to see if it was something that you did.

    I just got a fall clean-up that was another lco account. I asked the lady why she wasn't useing her guy and she said that he was blowing grass into her beds. after she asked him to stop doing it. so it was good for me i got the fall clean-up the weekly mowing and the snow plowing.
  7. Expert Lawns

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    I live across the street from this account, and we are friendly friends. Not real close, but friendly ya know. Maybe they were afraid to tell me that they were not satisfied with my work. But they told me they WERE. And this was about 2 weeks before cleanups started. They are pretty well off (Dentist), so I don't think they would hire someone else over 20,30,40 dollars. Also, I gave them a really good price on their weekly mowing and their spring cleanup.
    I think I'll call them and ask if they were dissatisfied with our cleanup last year. This way I get them talking and hopefully I will get some answers.
  8. Rich's Lawn Care

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    Good luck!!
  9. Randy Scott

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    You have absolutely NO idea what he was charging! I want to know what your basis was for saying that you figure he's charging $100.
  10. mtdman

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    I had a few folks this fall have another company, probably their fert company, do their aerations. When I asked why, they had no idea of what I was talking about. They never noticed the fert company did the aeration, had no idea what an aeration was, despite my efforts to educate all my customers. I was not happy.

    I have a package plan where a customer gets a bunch of services and a discount, and pays equally each month for them. Included usually is a leaf cleanup. Today, one of my customers told me the kids across the street would be doing the cleanup and asked if I could give her a credit on her account. After telling her no, it's part of the package and nonrefundable, she was not very happy. I asked her why she would pay some 12 year old kids with rakes to do it when she was paying for it all year. She said the kids were trying to earn money. I replied so was I!!! So I cut the grass, and did no pre mowing blow, just ground the leaves up and left them for her on top of the lawn. I hope the kids have fun raking shredded leaf bits.

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