"Someone" told my customer I sold my accounts to them...

Discussion in 'General Industry Discussions' started by indylawnboy, Jun 3, 2011.

  1. indylawnboy

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    I received a call from a customer this morning. He said that his wife told him that there was a knock on the door, and when she answered it some guy said that he was there to do a lawn application. She told him that she had just had her lawn serviced by (me) and he said, "Oh, he sold all his accounts to me, didn't you get a letter?" How should I proceed? I live in a small town and I know about everyone that does lawn care around here. My mind started to race immediately, wondering who it might be. I can't imagine that it would be one of my buddies. The chances of the customer contacting me to verify that I had indeed sold their account would be very likely, and at that point the guy would know that I knew. So was it Trugreen? Would they be that desperate and/or unprofessional? I would imagine that they would have to abide by strict rules since they are a big corporation, and I can't imagine that they need customers so badly that they would stoop that low? Who would it be, has anyone ever had this happen to them before? Now I know that a handful of customers hop from company to company yearly. I sometimes get calls from my friend’s customers saying they need me to give them an estimate, and the same thing happens to them. They get calls from my customers, and I lose a few every year. I used to let my buddies know when their customers called me, but they pretty much said go for it, and since I wasn't getting any calls from them I stopped letting them know. But the point is, we are not out there soliciting and LYING to other people's customers, knocking on their doors. I don't have my customers email addresses. Should I send a notice via snail mail or just blow it off? I only have about 300 customers but that's a pretty penny in stamps. Thanks for the advice.
  2. 944own

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    I wouldnt sweat it just tell the customer that you did not sell their acct and the guy must have been mistaken. Then go on business as usual.
  3. topsites

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    I'd have to agree with that answer, plain and simple, over and done.
  4. 4 seasons lawn&land

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    wow, thats crazy. The customer didnt ask who the guy was?
  5. nocountryjon

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    i used to work at Trugreen in Indy i can pretty much guarantee you they didnt do that....but i guess you never know, every applicator is different. Either way that is just shady.
  6. mag360

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    probably an address mix-up between him and the company he bought the account from. Either that or he bought something that didn't exist and got cheated himself. I would not expect the first party there to be guilty - just doesn't sound like a scheme that would work.
  7. indylawnboy

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    Yea, you're right I should blow it off. Guess I don't want to give a negative impression to my customer(s) by freakin out. In reply to the question about the customer saying who it was, the husband called and said his wife talked to the guy. He wasn't home and she didn't give him any details. I think I'll call once just to see if she can tell me if he was in a marked/unmarked car then I'll let them know it must have been a mistake. Thank u much!
  8. bigslick7878

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    Have the people call him and ask about an estimate.

    Be there when he comes, problem solved.
  9. jherety

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    Sounds like this may not be a competitor but possibly a thief scoping out potential homes to hit. You may want to call the police and let them know what may be happening.

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    Wow, the scrubs are getting ballsy this year.
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