Someone tried to steal my rig

Discussion in 'Stolen Equipment' started by Richard Martin, Apr 18, 2013.

  1. Richard Martin

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    Someone tried to take off with my entire truck, trailer and equipment. I was parked on the side of the road in the grass. It was kind of a busy road out in the country. I was behind the house trimming and came around the front. As soon as I came around the front I saw an older Ford Ranger backed up to the front of my truck. Bear in mind, there was no reason for them to be there other than to steal my truck. As soon as they saw me they tore off and went up the road. My windows were down but the keys were in my pocket. My driver's door wasn't closed all of the way so I know they were in my truck. I got lucky yesterday!
  2. CreativeLawncareSolutions

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    Scary stuff right there
  3. thethirstymoose

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    I bet they weren't
    trying to steal your stuff, but I bet they were trying to steal some things inside your truck, like cell phone, nav. system, money, wallet small stuff, and I bet if you had small items in your trailer, like blowers, trimmers, would have been gone
  4. zackvbra

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    this kind of stuff reeally makes me want to invest in an enclosed trailer.
  5. Valk

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    How about carrying a lazer pointer and thusly scaring the bejeezuz out of them when they sense a red dot hovering around their immediate area. :gunsfirin
  6. bjack312

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    This works even better when said laser is attached to a large caliber handgun!
  7. GrassGuerilla

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    They weren't washing his windows either.
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  8. sehitchman

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    Ive got my mowers and handhelds cable locked. Yesterday at a new account, the woman said, "you don't need to worry about your stuff here". Better safe than sorry, i even change my mowing and trimming pattern to one less efficient at times just to get eyes on my stuff every couple of minutes.
  9. GrassGuerilla

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    Been a few trailer thefts around here. Throw a lock on those safety chains.
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  10. Blade Runners

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    Those things worked great for clearing traffic when I was patrolling the streets in Baghdad. I would tell my gunner to hit the rearview or side mirror and and they would get out of the way quick:laugh::usflag:

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