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Something Different!!


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let me start by saying that i to have done post cards this year along with flyers and doorhangers, i haven't put any out as of yet, will around march 1st. while i was cleaning off my computer desk i seen that i have some blank dvd's laying there collecting dust. i don't know if anyone has done this before in the lawn care & landscape trade but i thought it would be different instead of putting out the usual stuff how about making a if you will a mini commercial onto the blank dvd and hand those out, i know you guys are thinking more expensive to do this, but it would be something unusal and different around here anyways and they would remember that and maybe more likely to get more customers that way, just talk about the company show off your equipment and tell them a little about your services that you offer. just a thought if it sounds stupid let me know, might try atleast 100 in a specific area and just see what happens, if nothing oh well. alright guys give me some thoughts about this i can take it.

Kickin Your Grass

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North Texas
I personally would not do this. Why don't you create a commercial and upload it to youtube. Then have a door hanger created and on the door hang some where put, "check out our commercial at" and the link. If you have a website you could post the video on your website for people to see.