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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by ronslawncare, Oct 19, 2000.

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    first off i new to this forum and this business.i have learned alot from all of you.this is my first season and boy i can tell you this is a dirty business to be in.lets see i had one of my houses stolen by another landscapper.i had i dont even no how many landscappers turn around the block after they passed and start eyeing out my equiptment while im in the middle of mowing .my mechanic is is always trying to rip me off the only reason i use him is because hes fast .customers are so cheap and old ladys think that you like mowing for the fun of it.i did a 45 hedge job and told the guy i dont except checks before i started he said no problem cash is fine i got done he wanted to give me a check i saidd sorry cant do so he told me to go f--- myself.ohh ya my favorite one is that the mechanic i use sold me a weedwacker that was used and i saw it in the store cheaper brand new.i dont no does this happen to anyone else i live in longisland newyork god forbid if someone forgets to rip you off.alls i can say is the money is worth it all i love the business i made my mistakes and learned from them......
  2. From what I hear out on the island they will steal your stick egders and brush cutters off your truck while it is moving.

    Only hard core addicts would try a stunt that that were I live, for I live in a right to carry a conceled weapon state.

    If one intends on commiting a crime in my area it's not the cops you have to worry about but your intended victim.
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    This is why you see in trucking job ads they say "No north east" What they are real saying is "no new york" I was talking to a 24 ft box truck driver one time and he said he was sleeping in a shopping center in NY and when he woke up someone had jacked up his truck and had stole the wheels off. People in NY direct lost truck drivers down dead end allys and distract the drivers and then loot the back of the truck. Thats the way it here too Lawrence. This is a concealed weapon state. Even lil old ladies may be packing heat lol
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    Charles, what do you think your good friend Algore would like to do about your right to protect yourself? Yep, that's right, don't worry the government will protect you--LOL, you don't need to protect yourself. If you think NY is bad now, just wait until the rest of the country is just like them under an Algore administration. You may want to rethink your position and remember --

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    Well here in order to carry a concealed weapon . You have to go to class and take a test and go to the gun shooting range. But anyway we should keep the election stuff in the impending election post that Chuck has been gracious enough to let us have
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    Do you mean to tell me that NO ONE in NYC is allowed to carry a concealed weapon except cops? That is the biggest joke I've every heard. In Richmond VA they have a law that is a couple of years old. Basically if you have an illegal gun or are caught using a gun in an illegal act your butt is in the Fed. Pen for 5 years. NO PAROLE NO EXCEPTIONS! The best damn law they ever had. When they introduced the law in DC for nationwide approval all the morons said "that will never work". Little did they know there was already a sample that they could have analyzed and seen, It does work. Homicides are half of what they were 5 years ago, all other crimes are down also.
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    About 12 years ago i was driving 18 wheeler all 48 and canada I had a load for hunts point New York (paper goods) a truck came in hauling swing beef about 12 am for a morning drop the driver crawled in the sleeper and went to bed. The next morning they could not find that driver to pull his truck up and open his rear doors so they asked another driver to do it when they open the rear doors they saw the driver hanging on a meat hook and the beef was gone. (True Story) I never went back to New York again.
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    Fear the government that fears your guns, for the second amendment was not put there so you and I can hunt poor little ol bambi but so we can defend aginst a tyrenical government.

    "For the first time in history we have complete gun regestration, our streets will be safey, our police, and military will be effective"
    Adolph Hitler 1935

    Sorry just had to get it off my chest, this seemed like a good place to do it. Jim
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    Hi Ron. Welcome to the green industry.
    First off , a lawn man can't steal one of your lawns. You have to loose it.Secondly, learn how to maintain all of your equiptment. The shop will be to expensive and waist a lot of your time. Learn how to distance yourself from the pack.Where I live there are about eight out of ten operations who are mow,blow and go guys.Maybe two who are into quality. The demand for quality outweighs the willing contractors. So be different.
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    Bobby, what does 'yesteryear' mean?

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