Something is eating the fish!

Discussion in 'Water Features' started by scmel04, Jan 2, 2006.

  1. mr.we.mow.grass

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    I am thinking, "boob-e trap"! tast like chicken! hehehe just kidding!
  2. ODUrugger

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    Yeah no kiddin ouch... I dont give a rats bum about the bird, neither does anyone around here. On the chesapeake bay we're flooded with em. And if they are near your pond it falls under nuiance animal laws. I'd set up elecrified grates that served fried heron if I could wiring it right :) But this is from someone who has more than 20k worth of fish though.

    I have a floating sectional alligator that works fairly well when secured by cord tied around a rock that keeps him in the middle. A great dane and bernese mountain dog also help. :)

    My smaller tanks and breeding areas are netted on top. Thick netting keeps all critters out, but doesn't look good on showcase ponds in my opinion. Try adding a pergola or other freestanding structures/landscaping that will inhibit the landing capabilities of larger birds as well as beautify the pond area.
  3. Critical Care

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    ODUrugger, so you have a floating sectional alligator, eh? We used to have those out here until the heron ate them.

    Sounds like you have a lot invested in pretty "carp" - more than me, thats for sure. Yup, the netting directly on or over the water works surely is not for any pond that has visual appeal to it, but probably is the way to go as far as tanks stuck out in the south forty.

    By the way, there is a Swiss saying about the life span of the bernese mountain dog, "Three years a young dog, three years a good dog, three years an old dog, and everything else is a gift of god." Beautiful dogs.
  4. LawnScapers of Dayton

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    I had a vacation customer last season........that I mowed and started to feed his Koi while they were on a 10 day vacation. The second day I stopped to feed the fish and I saw the Heron. By the tenth day there were none of the 14 fish left.....

    I still got paid.......I did feel pretty bad when I told the customer.

  5. krista

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    You can purchase a fake heron to put in or next to your pond. You need the fish to keep natuaral balance.
    the fake heron is suppossed to help keep the real ones away.
  6. n2h20

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    fish dont make a natural balance they add filth to the pond. and most ponds have enough filth with out the fish.. did Aquascapes tell you fish keep it balanced? sounds like an AS marketing scheme.
  7. krista

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    i like gardens, i like ponds. i want them natural and beautiful. i dont want them to stand out as man made. The fish eat algae and eat bugs. I still add bacteria - of course. The kids & adults love to see the fish too.
  8. sheshovel

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    Yep Koi are just Carp..that's what they are pretty carp.
  9. befnme

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