Something TERRIBLE has happened.

Discussion in 'General Industry Discussions' started by Runner, May 21, 2005.

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    I don't how this happened, but I am devestated.Yesterday, I went and did an estimate for a very nice lady in a neighborhood where I do some work. I stopped in, she wasn't home, so I walked through the yard. In the backyard area, I was met by a little grey Terrier...friendly little thing, and I remember saying to him that "I'll have to remember to bring you some snacks."
    Well, anyway, I called her later in the day, gav her the prices, and she accepted. I told her I can cut it right now (in close neighborhood). She said fine, she's leaving, and she'll put her dog in. I went over and cut, and all went well. I just got a call from her, she was crying. She said that when she let her dog out, the gate had been left open, and her little dog must have gotten out (unknown to her). Well, they looked all day for it, and just found it. It had been hit by a car and killed. I feel so terrible. I don't know what to do, as nothing like this has ever happened to me - I don't even leave gates open, but I DO think I left this one open. What do I do?
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    Joe, I'm sorry about your bad experience. I really don't know what I would do if I were in your shoes (i've never had this happen). I think the best you can do is say your sorry and go on. If they accept your apology fine, if not thats fine too. If it makes you feel any better it's not totally your fought. Yes, you were the one who left the gate open, but the lady knew you had been there and should have checked the gate before letting the dog out (I know I would have). I'm a big animal person (especially dogs) but you've got to move on and not let this bring you down too much, if the lady would have checked the gate it would have never happened.
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    Sorry to hear about your sad experience, I can only imagine how you feel, unfortunately things like this happen, we are all human and make those kinds of mistakes. It sounds like from what you describe this lady is a really nice person and she understands that it was unintentional on your part, maybe after a while you could take her a puppy?? I don't know what is the right way to handle this is, just don't be too hard on yourself, it could have happened to any of us..
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    Get her a puppy, and offer your most sincere condolences.Tell her you know nothing you can do will replace her pet, but you want her to know how truly regretful you are.
  5. Tn Lawn Man

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    Be Honest!
  6. BCSteel

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    Do not get her a new dog. It will never replace the one she lost. Picking a pet is usually a very personal thing for most people.

    Dont really have any ideas how to smooth things over with her though.
  7. The C Man

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    That's my opinion as well.
  8. Toy2

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    Are you sure you left it open????Between the time you left and she got home alot could have happened.....neighbor ball in her yard/little kids trying to get it back, city workers, cops, her friends......I have two gates, custom made drive way gate , and side gate, someone has left my side gate open and i was home when it happened, I happened to let the dog out and walked that everytime I let the dog out, someone makes sure they are both closed....I carry my pink wire ties, if a customer calls and asks why I did that...its to cover my a$$.......don't blame yourself, unless you can 100 percent sure you did it....even then $hit happens....keep moving forward.......gook luck....
  9. Sweetwater

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    I really like the pink wire tie idea...Joe, I feel your pain and am not sure what to tell ya. The fellas here have all had good advice. Dittos to the honesty factor and if she is really sore at you then pack up your stuff, give here a referral for another service and move on. At least she will hold you in an honorable light.
  10. turfmann

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    Yeah, you gotta clear your conscience on this one. Fess up or it will eat you up. I think the self-firing idea is a good one. You can equivocate all you want but *&% happens. Confess, penance, move on.

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