Something TERRIBLE has happened.

Discussion in 'General Industry Discussions' started by Runner, May 21, 2005.

  1. Toy2

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    I bought them at Harbor freight, 8 bucks for hundreds......It has come back to bite me......walk up to a gate and the tie is still there....have to walk back to the truck to get the wire cutters.....Oh makes me feel better knowing I left it secure... :)
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    I'd be very honest and apologetic. I'd also offer to cover the cremation and burial and to pay for a new dog if she wants one.

    I've got dogs and cats. My favorite cat "Cross-eyed Larry" got hit by a car earlier this year. The worst part, for me, was digging the hole in the back yard. It was really depressing and it took a long time because our soil is so rocky. I know it may sound stupid, but people do get very attached and she might appreciate a nice, simple lansdcape job where the dog is buried. I planted an agave and some wildflowers where Larry was buried. I'd offer to do that stuff for her too, if she wants to bury the dog in her yard.
  3. tjgray

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    Last week the same thing almost happened to us but luckily the neighbor found the dog before any harm happened to him. I was still shaken and called our customer to offer my apologies and to tell him how thankful I was that his dog was ok. He was cool about it and said his kids should have checked the gate before they let the dog out but still I assured him that we would be extra careful *I like the pink tie idea too*

    Not too long ago there was a thread from someone that the exact same thing happened to. Not sure how it worked out for them but I will say that pretty much all you can do is offer her your sincerest apologies. I wouldn't buy a puppy either because like it was already said picking a new puppy is a special time *I might would offer to cover the cost of a new pet when she was ready*

    Most of you know I just lost my hound about a month or so ago and it truly is a very painful experience. My children let him out and it was hard not to be angry as they are old enough to know better but you really can't blame anyone it was just a horrible unfortunate accident.

    I am real sorry it happened Joe :(...I know you must feel horrible but try not to beat yourself up to bad.
  4. Runner

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    Thank you, everyone, who has replied. As far as the being honest and/or fessing up, there is no question on that. I point blank told her right out that I had probably did it. I stopped what I was doing and went right over to her house after she called and told me what happened. It was after that, that I came back home and posted this thread. I agree with the not buying a new dog theory. There is just no way to replace this little guy. There is no actual price you can put on it, either. It's not like a damaged downspout, or something. She had this dog for 11 there is no question that he was a close part of the family. I just feel like such a jerk for the neglect in this incident. It is not like me to leave a gate open with or without pets. Like I say, I just don't know what happened, but I DO know that I just don't remember closing the gate. She said she will call me when she needs me, but if she never calls, then I fully understand. The irony? weekend is Memorial Day. Thanks again to everyone.
  5. Toy2

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    It sounds like your not even sure.....I'm sure the mind is going a 100miles a second...don't beat yourself up over it...tomorrow is another day....some might never see.....good luck...
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    Hey Joe,
    Everyone makes mistakes Joe. You certainly didn't intentionally do it, if you did it at all. You did the right thing by going straight over there and talking with her. And knowing you I'm sure you offered to do anything possible to help out the situation. No doubt you feel awful but dang, nobody's perfect, I just hope the lady will soon understand that, although it may take her a while. Maybe call her before the next cut and ask her if she wants to continue the service and if she says yes, then maybe send her the invoice with a big NO CHARGE and say it's the least you could do.

    I don't know, tough deal for sure. But you're a good operator Joe, I'm sure you'll work your way through this.

  7. stumper1620

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    this could happen to anyone of us. don't let it tear you up, your a good honest man to head straight over and discusse it with her, I would make a follow up visit to see how she is doing in a couple days, if the dog is buried in her yard, I really like the idea of offering some special landscape as a gesture to show your feelings of the situation. then make it real special so she can see that you feel for her.
    I hope I never have to deal with a situation like this, I can see where it is hard to know how to react.
  8. leadarrows

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    Do you remember opining the gate? The reason I ask is when I go Thu a gate if it's shut it is just automatic to me to shut it. I probably wouldn't remember doing it ether but when you always do something you always do it. With out thinking and that would be why you don't remember doing it. If the gate was open you might have left it open but I would bet if it was closed you closed it back.

    I have dogs and I'll tell you the truth. If you let one of my dogs out and it got killed I would hate you for it. Intellectually I would understand people make mistakes and I would forgive you....but emotionally I would hate you. That woman is probably feeling the same. That said you know in your heart you would never do something like that on purpose. It was an accident pure and simple. Beat yourself up over it one time real good and voe to never let it happen again. Then forgive yourself. That's all you can do when it comes right down to it.
    I sure am sorry you had this happen.

    I like the pink ties idea as well. Maybe sharing this story with us will save several other dogs with so many of us liking the pink ties idea.

    Some days just Bite.
  9. stumper1620

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    I agree with this I have dogs fenced in my back yard and gates are just a normal habit to close, I even give a pull to be sure it latched just because I do it to my own gate, never give it a thought.
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    Sorry to hear that lawn buddy .Your all right in your own way !! But i do this i don't know if any one else does it but i hook my dogs when i will not be out with them just to make sure if it was left open they don't get out . But this kind of thing will happen just gotta take it . And if you do any thing DO NOT GET A NEW DOG . My aunts dog past away while they were in Fl for the winter and they came all the way back to Pa to put him to rest . and he just died of age and she didn't get a new dog till just a while ago so.

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