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Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by Absolute Weed C, Mar 7, 2006.

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    You know,
    I have spent a few months reading the old posts and threads trying to catch up on whats being asked and comments being made. The one thing I cant understand though is the bickering between organic fert applicators and synthetic fert applicators over who is better and who is evil.

    I have a masters degree in Horticulture Science, and for those wondering I am holding a applicators lic for orn/turf, Right of way, aquatics, and am certified in the use of the M44 units. I have worked in the Green Industry for about 15 years total. Now, with my pedigree on the table my point.

    Does anyone know how many different chemistry classes are required in Horticulture? Well, dealing with the only chart of the elements we have; Can someone please show me anywhere on that chart the Symbol for Organic Nitrogen or maybe the Symbol for Synthetic Nitrogen???

    I hate to burst everyones bubble but you can't. The fact is Nitrogen is Nitrogen whether it comes from corn or a bag from Wilbur-Ellis. Its one in the same. I am sorry but the logic behind the different sides of which is better makes no sense. ITS NITROGEN!!!There I said my piece, if you dont believe me contact your local College Chem Professor and ask him the difference. You might get a whole different opinion about the subject.

    Thanks for your time
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    Here, Here !
  3. I totally agree with Absolute Weed Control!
    The PLANT doesn't know the difference between sythetic or organic nitrogen!

    I also believe the soil loves the added organic matter add, as do the soil micro organism.

    For these reason, I like to use both, usually in a fortified or bridge product. When using sythetic fertilizers, take time to evaluate them, how they release, how long to release, quanity applied, and look carefully at the salt index of them, for the benefit of the plants and microbes.
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    No need to start this up again, but I believe the main point was not the source of the N, but how it is broken down and the availability to the plant. Correct me if I'm wrong Tim...

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