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Something to try over winter to....


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Jason Rose

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I was reading the other day on a forum about acetone in fuel tanks. Most said that 3 ounces in a 25 (or so) gallon tank was all that was needed. MANY also spoke out AGAINST this practice as acetone can possibly strip away the lubricating properties of the gasoline! Acetone also destroys rubber and plastics, not to mention eat paint. As much rubber seals and plastics are in todays engines I can't see risking it!

Arguements were also made that all acetone is NOT equal. Different brands have different concentrations that aren't always listed on the can. Also all acetone is not equal chemically.

If you look at a can of Berryman's carb and injector cleaner the #1 ingredient is Acetone (I haven't confirmed that, just what I read). Other's argued that, while that is true, it's a lower concentration of acetone in that can that the type sold in the paint stores.

Just a few things to ponder...