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Discussion in 'Stolen Equipment' started by mowerdude777, Sep 17, 2009.

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    Well in June I had my handhelds stolen well I was in a backyard mowing, Well in May multiple gas cans were stolen off the same street my as my handhelds got stolen off of, in July I believe there was a mower and trimmer theft as well on the same street(the home owner cares a lot about his yard equipment and for the last two months he has been using a neighbors mower and trimmer he is older and most like will hire a lco in a few years). About a quarter mile from my house. In 2007 bobcatguy96(my helper and friend who lives in my neighborhood) had a like new only used twice 2 stage craftsman snow thrower stolen from his garage. As well. And a LCO in my neighborhood had 2 Red Max 7001 blowers blowers stolen from his trailer. I live in a larger neighborhood and and These are just some that I know about. but I find it weird that all of these have happened within a mile from each other. I am starting to think that the thief may live in my neighborhood. What do you guys think about this
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    Time to buy a bigger dog.
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    I have a pit bull lab mix right now she will protect the house for sure, But she is really just a big goof

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