Sometimes I think Lawncare is a Hobby

Discussion in 'General Industry Discussions' started by larryinalabama, Aug 29, 2012.

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    And it doesn't get better when you actually get bigger and are running multiple trucks/mowers/people either. Today the pin that holds the jrco dethatcher on the hustler fell out, new guy loads it onto trailer, leaves co workers behind and away he goes no park brake, no tie down strap, tilt trailer not pinned either to go back to the shop instead of checking tool box.
    First phone call is from left behind guys wondering what where when, second is a blocked call from the local police telling me we need to move Hustler out of the street and third is New guy trying to explain how he "lost" the mower somewhere. By the time this was sorted out between fine for mower in street, lost time and repairs will be a $782.30 loss for today, the second day we can get on the turf this yr
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    Why is the new guy driving the truck?

    Also I can see forgeting a strap, safety chain, hook up lights.

    Though to forget you went to a job sight with other guys then drive away without them.
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    I have no idea why, he was not cleared for that as the driving record search was not done as of yet. Needless to say we need another crew member again.
    And the trailer was hooked up, it's a 6x12 tilt bed that you pin to lock level. He just drove the hustler upon, trailer went level and away he wert.
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