Sometimes the nearest dealer is the worst choice

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Tunica, Aug 29, 2013.

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    Like most people you look around find a dealer close to you that has what you want and you buy it from them. Well Now I am rethinking this old standard practice of getting someone close by. I've spent around 8 grand this year with one of the Largest Scag dealers in Memphis so wrong and here is why.

    As long as it was cash to them they smiled were very helpful ect. My first hmm thought was when a hour meter went nuts, I called and told them and their first reply was so, it does not effect the mower, I replied yes it does if its has 400 hours on it and I've had it a month then your reply would be your out of warranty so they ordered the part three days they say ok cool two weeks later I call and hear yea the part is in, so I drive over and they want to put the mower in the shop I asked how long does it take two weeks comes the reply, I ask for the owner and he says well we will do our best to get it out sooner. So I say give Me the part I'll replace it he got alittle pissed and called a mech out and said put this on now.

    Three weeks ago My motor started sputtering and sounding off so I bring it to them. This week on Tuesday I go and ask when the mower will be ready its been three weeks! The salesman calls the back and says ok looks at Me and says should be out in two weeks. I said thats over a month. I asked them has anyone even listened to the motor yea we did its the ignition coil! Ok then whats the hold up they reply well we are busy.

    I sent a note to Scag and they called me within the hour, asking for information and background. He tells Me look thats totally not acceptable on a new mower and you should not have to wait that long its a warranty fix on a new mower, asked how many hours on the mower I said about 65, He was upset and said look take your mower to this dealer 45 miles away and I will call them.

    I said ok but I called the dealer to he said we are backed up but we can get to you and out within a week, I drove down there and they listened to the engine and agreed coil issue.

    Two hours later I get a call, not a service manager or sales guy but the mechanic who said they he made a mistake its not coil its the manifold gasket and he verified that with Kawasaki he said I should have the parts in a couple of days and as soon as they come in We are on your mower.

    I guess we shall see but I think I just found another dealer. So sometimes the easiest aint the best choice.
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    I hear you on the dealer aspect. Went in to the shop up here to get some simple parts, blades and oil filters for my Tiger Cub. Get home to put them on wrong blades and wrong filter. This is not a full dealership they kind of carry Scag parts and will order a mower for you if you want. Only show in town. Anyway, looks like I'm buying online whenever I can. Not a whole lot of commercial mowers up here and most are running Walkers. They have a good dealer that does right by them all from everything I here. Always been partial to the Scags but maybe looking at a Walker next time just for the support.
  3. Jimslawncareservice

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    my local deere dealer sucks something awful. when stuff did get fixed there were other issues. like when I had the engine pulled to fix a plastic piece the governer. he forgot to tighten the water pump. took it back. tightened it. less then an hour later an employee comes running to me. im in the neighbors yard mowing. take the mower back. gets that done correct. then it stops after it gets warm and all is dead. I call another dealer as im 30 miles from either one. here when he put the wiring back on to the starter he putte wires straight out getting pinched by the side panel. this is on a john deere 445. there were billing issues too. now I drive 30-40 minute to buy mowers and repairs. I get right in. I also drive 50 minutes to the exmark dealer....for now anyway
  4. herler

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    I was in your shoes some years ago.

    Today I have a parts department that is so extensive I have most common parts in stock, some I have so many of it will keep me operational for the next 20 years, and I became a Top Rated Powerseller on Ebay just selling off the overflow.

    This did not happen overnight but it was a lengthy process that took a lot of research and experience.
    Which is how I have also learned, what a dealer goes through when it comes to parts.
    I have gone three weeks on my machines fixing them myself, too.
    Believe me, it's not all their fault.

    Today I have backup equipment and for some things I have backup equipment for my backup equipment.

    You know, at some point we have to do what has to be done so we can cut them some slack.
  5. brycesepp

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    My local kubota dealer is great! Never had a problem. Very friendly guys and if something of mines not working i show up with it, the take a look, fix it up and i get the simple "we'll catch up later, get back to work" and i'm on my way :)
  6. MOturkey

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    My dealer carries Scag, Gravely, and Toro. I run Gravely's, and if he has to order a part, or, for any other reason has to keep your mower more than a day, he will loan you a new Gravely, under their demo program. If you run Scag, and have a problem with it, guess what, he'll loan you a new Gravely until yours is fixed!

    I've had to wait up to a week or more to get something repaired a few times, but that was due to having to wait on a part. Once they get the part, the mower is normally repaired and ready for pickup within 24 hours.
  7. getmowtivated

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    I run JD757's and a GS30. Same problem with our John Deere dealer. I love the machines, but hate the service. I literally stood next to the head mechanic while he was checking in a homeowners rider. You would think that he would have acknowledged me once he finished with the other customer. Nope. The guy turns and walks inside. I was like really? After standing there in shock for a few minutes thinking that he would come back out I went inside to his office. The rest of the mechanics were looking at me like "what are you doing"? Finally , I got fed up and went home. I googled my question and found the answer another way. They are also terrible with turnaround times. I spend so much on parts at their dealer, especially in years past and get no respect. No, I cannot wait for two weeks while you fix my machine. Sorry.
  8. larryinalabama

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    I seldome use dealers, the 2 in our town closed up. I shop mostly by price since most dealers don't even stock a air filter. Even new equiptment its eaiser to fix myself and save the hassle.
  9. Kelly's Landscaping

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    Exmark introduced me to my dealer after my first one was a disaster iv been with him 10 years now and fear the day he retires.
  10. pseudosun

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    I found a guy on craigslist who works on all commercial mowers. What a difference. The only new commercial mower i bought was quick36, and i sold that mower. I was thinking of getting a new scag, but your story scares me a little.

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