Son thought he was doing Mom a favor!!

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by LAWNS AND MOWER, May 13, 2004.


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    Have this account, mowed every ten days. Yes, the dreaded tendayer. Pull up today and notice the yard is super green and lush. Ask the lady if any fertilizer was put on the yard and she informs me, "Yes, my son was in town for a week and thought the yard needed some fertilizer." I'm thinking, great another hit and run fertilizer freak!! This lady has made it clear to me over the years that she only wants the yard mowed every 10 days. I inform her that due to her sons stroke of genius, that I will need to mow it every 7 days at least, maybe every 5 days. She tells me to try and do it every week, but I can tell her dumba$$ kid put down a double dose of 10-10-10. Maybe she'll get the hint when it grows 2 inches overnight!!
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    Istead of doing the favor for the mother he just increased your income. Looks to me he did you the favor. It may be profitable to pitch in a free dose in about 6 weeks;)
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    that is funny you are talking about fertilizer. I was on a job tonight that you could see the streaking from the fertilizer application. I was kind of upset because of two reasons: 1st, it looked like heck and thus making my mowing look like crap, and 2nd, I tell all customers that if they do fertilizer applications to make sure to tell me for I can adjust my mowing schedule for their additional growth (yup, had to bag the yard tonight, not fun)
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    Just raise your deck hight and still do it every ten days.

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    If I keep on a 10 day schedule, I'll be mowing it at 8 inches by the end of the month!!

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