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    Hey guys, been lurking around for a while and have found alot of useful information. A little about me.........I am getting ready to graduate in a few weeks with my bachelor's in mechanical engineering. With this dreary economy, I (along with many 09 graduates) am having a very tough time finding a full time job. I do have a part time job at an automotive parts store, but do not plan on going full time.

    I like being outdoors, and have always cut grass for friends and family. I am contemplating on going at it full time this summer/fall and see what happens. I currently already have; a fullsize pickup, 6x10 trailer, riding lawnmower and push mower. I will need to purchase a trimmer and a good blower. So, there will not be much initial investment.

    Any tips or advice? Does this sound like a decent plan?

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