Soon to be Applicator in Oklahoma needs help

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by LDH, Mar 11, 2008.

  1. LDH

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    I need some help guys. I've mostly been a cutter up until now and im trying to get into spraying. I've already ordered and recieved my books from the Oklahoma Dept. of Ag. and have been studying my *** off so I can go take my test on the 20th. I'm having a hard time with all the numbers and equations when it talks about calibrating a sprayer. It's mainly talking about boom sprayers that you would use in wheat fields and such, not really skid sprayers that we use on lawns. Can someone give me a crash course on this area or school me a little. Thanks.


    VARMIT COMMISSION LawnSite Senior Member
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    That's gunna be a tough one. Let me think on it a while, it's been a couple years since I took the test. I'm trying to remember what calibration questions were on it. I dont remember spray-booms as a test question.
  3. LDH

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    Okay. What about gallons per acre equations and all that? Sure is alot of math.
  4. (wi) Roots

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    I think you need only 78% to pass. Work on all other areas to compensate, for what you lack. A lot of multipule choice questions. I found Oklahoma test easier than Arkansas, passed it 3 times.
  5. LDH

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    Does it ask about aerial spraying?
  6. mean green

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    Just read the books they sent you and you will be fine.I took it 3 years ago and just read the books and made a 95 pecent on it.It is is mainly comon sense.
  7. LDH

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    Okay. Im just paranoid because ive never even used a sprayer other than a little 25 gallon one with a little electric motor I use every year to spray roundup with to eliminate trimming in areas out in the industrial park, etc... I don't have any experience calibrating or what fertilizer names are, etc... been studying my *** off though and im a pretty quick learner, I just learn better with hands on experience.

    VARMIT COMMISSION LawnSite Senior Member
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    There is a lot of material to study. I completely skipped any aerial study info. Knowing that you can miss 29 questions and still pass is comfort enough to skip it. Also I learned every weed's name broadleaf. grassy, perrinial, annual every name and it wasnt even on the test. I'd skip the disease also there were only like 2 questions on it. But--pine tip blight was a question. Make sure and get ahold of a label like roundup and read it. Ask questions before you take the test. Re-entry is a question, ppe, they will ask about how much to use of a product but you will have the label so-- its all in there ya just gotta find it. Most labels are more or less the same as in order of information.
  9. bigw

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    I don't know about your states test but i drove myself crazy trying to figure out all the rates and math formulas for weeks. I just read over and over them again and again and then when i went to take my core test and my 07 lawn and turf on the same day i think their was like 2 math or calibrating questions on the entire test.
    The advice i can give you is study whats in the books and only study for 15-25 minutes at the most at any one time, its a proven fact that if you try to study for any longer then that your brain will not comprehend as much.

    Once you think you know something pretty good have someone quiz you and if you do good move on to something else,don't drive yourself crazy or waste to much time on the things that you just ain't getting {those things you will learn better with actual hands on}.

    Also when you take the test don't waste time on the things you dont know,move on and do all the ones you do know and then come back and make the best logical guess you can on the rest. Remember one important thing...if you don't answer a question at all its wrong!
    At least answer all of the questions.
    By the way i studied about an hour or 2 total everyday for about 3 weeks and i thought for sure i might have passed the core test but i knew for sure i failed the lawn and turf but when i got my letter 2 weeks later it said i passed both so the bottom line is just study do your best and I'm sure you will pass....good luck!!!
  10. LDH

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    Thanks guys. Keep it coming. Im all ears.

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