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    Thanks for your thought. I should have pointed out that I live in a college town.

    I was also informed by a friend about the amount of money the population here actually has. There is a chain of wealth management offices with three locations here, and I am told that for each office that is put in town, there has to be a certain amount of wealth possessed by the residents in the particular locality. I forget what that amount was, but it was a very, very big number. Multiply that by three, its even larger. On the other hand, maybe I was misinformed, but it does make sense to an extent. The last place I worked pulled in around 100 million a year, so the pennies are on the move.

    That being said, I think that the averages I posted do have their place in the whole slew of things, but looking at the breakdown not just on the census reports, but also what I see here everyday leads me to believe that the large population of college students living here has an effect on the overall average. In fact, I really do not see a many 30 year olds in town that are doing that well. The population here really exists in magnitude on either end of the age spectrum, college students making less than 10 grand a year, and retired folk with a bit of cash in the retirement accounts.

    another interesting point is the city has been on a tangent the last couple years trying to get things looking better around town, especially tworads rental housing, which is about half of the housing in town.

    I find it absolutely fascinating looking into these kinds of things. It certainly will be a great help in identifying target markets in town.
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    All that said, I can look at the data under many different lenses, and with effort, I could probably formulate some ideas and figures to make selling air conditioners from December till April sound like a good idea. The statement you made however, goes a long way in keeping this real and is something all businesses here face. But the key to success in anything from board tames to business is all about seeking areas of opportunity and having a plan to act on once you have done so. If not, then look forward to an 'extended vacation' ;)
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    You make me laugh. Those census numbers and demographics don't tell you how to get money out of stone. Wealth management?:laugh: People didn't get the few dollars they have by giving it away. We have a bank on nearly every corner but nobody has any money. I think you need to stop dreaming and figure out how to operate a business and make money not justifying it with BS.
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    If you don't make it in mowing, you could probably succeed at motivational speaking ;). All I have to say about your posts is "WOW." Not once do you mention a business plan, marketing plan etc. Just a bunch of non sense about the census bureau and how you plan on selling ice cubes to eskimos? Or something like that. Good luck to you, but I wouldn't get so hung up on that million dollar company or average household income, sell your service, do a good job, and keep cash flow in the green :cool2:
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    "reported" is your key word there. Beyond the off-the-books guys, whether they're reported or not, it's hard to find a more fluid started and closed business than this. I'd really be curious as to the historical data showing that number, and where it stands now, vs 2010.

    This is really indicative of nothing, especially when you factor in that they have approximately 11,997 more locations in the US and Canada. I live in an area with a population close to that of your county (double that of your city), and we have an income of approx $90,000 per. We have less of that particular full-service brokerage (wealth manager is marketing spin) than you do (we have 2, albeit more in the area). They are in just about any small area you can think of, so I really wouldn't use that as a referenced data point.

    Which is why, based on a variety of things you've said, and the way you've interpreted data (or recognized that it can be interpreted differently based on any give lens), I will wager $1 that you're not in lawn/landscaping this time next year. And that's not at all intended to be a knock on you. I think you'll evaluate yourself out of this particular field and find yourself elsewhere. Regardless of what you decide to do, I'd suggest hedging your bet with a solid part-time job to alleviate the financial pressures and stresses that come with starting any business.

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    You have a great point. Using the same process I used to drop the idea of a specialty tropical fish retail store, the basic idea is that there is a chance that I can make this work out okay, but then again maybe not. Its all part of the adventure.

    I think I must not have been very clear. This thread was intended to introduce myself to the community and shoot the breeze a bit. When i refer to the census bureau, please understand that I understand that it is a small, SMALL, part of the equation. Obviously anyone who bases any business decision based on a single report is in for a surprise or two. I did not intend this to be a comprehensive review of my business plan. In fact, I am still in the process of assembling it.

    When I am ready to have that discussion, I will certainly make a thread dedicated to that. For now, I am just saying hi and enjoying a bit of casual conversation.

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    One more point i should also make is that i do not anticipate making millions doing this. If i wanted to do that, i would try my hand at something else.

    If I can make a comfortable living for myself at this, i will be perfectly content.
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    Excuse me if I don't share your enthusiasm.:sleeping:
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    Well you are excused. :)
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    Dont pay attention to everyone in here.

    So what kind of equiptment are you planning to get, do you have acces to the rental yard equiptment??

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