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Discussion in 'Original Pictures Forum' started by Groundcover Solutions, Jan 31, 2004.

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    You can put up to 60 yards of Mulch, 3/4 in stone, topsoil, and other such materials into it. Then you blow thoughs materials down you can put about 40-60 yards down in an hour depending on conditions. It is a great time and cost saver on large and even on smaller jobs. Our price is also around the landscapers cost so all they have to do is fax us the daminsions and we lay it. They don't have to do any work and the quality that it is laid down at with minimal damage to lawn is excelent. For more info you can visit my parters site @
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    NIICE TRUCK !!!!
  3. Black Water

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    Nice truck! Looks waaaaaaaaaay out of my league.:D
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    wow thats a nice rig
  5. pjslawncare/landscap

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    Very sweet truck Groundcover. Bet that set you back a pritty penny. Sure it will pay for itself and some though. How did you get financed at the age of 19 though? Steele someones ID
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    well that is a long story! I am partnering with a company that is based in Grand Rapids MI. I have an invester that is loaning me the down payment of the truck and the partner is providing the other backing. He has an established business in Grand Rapids and has been doing more and more work in my area. So, we decided to put a company permintly into my area. So the plan is to service the contracts we have and hopefully gain many more contracts and expand. That is the plan, we plan on starting up next month and there is still alot of work to be done and alot more to come, but i am ready for it all and am excited.
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    That is the short version...
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    I find this a little hard to belive that you baught that, you said in your profile that your only 19. Your age is throwing me off, way off. You have any proff of this purchase?
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    the truck is 295,000 (that is some serious sticker shock) It will defiantly take a few years to pay off but it will not be as bad as you might think. If you know what you are doing and run your business right and market to the correct demographic you will be set. The keys are getting contracts and keeping them, and keeping your truck busy at all times. Also you need to keep your truck in good condition and do regular maintenance on it so you do not have down time. If you do quality work and pride yourself in that you will be a success. My competition strives more for amount of work than quality and that is where i will come in. The contracts that i have a the large landscape companies in my area they go with us because we do our projects when we say we are going to do them. We also strive for quality and make sure that our work meets up to the highest standers. We are actually representing the landscaping company that we are working for. If we do not do good work it makes the landscaper look bad and when the look bad they are not happy. If you don't strive for quality in the beginning you can get a bad name fast and it is always hard to get that out of peoples minds. Just my 2 cents
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    Who is going to drive that CDL mandated rig? You have to be 21 to drive acommercial vehicle. Nothing wrong with young guys in business I just hope your know everything you may have to deal with.

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