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Discussion in 'Hardscaping' started by jonesy5149, Sep 4, 2010.

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    Winter is right around the corner and if those of you are concerned about 'low ballers' this summer, you are going to terrified of them this winter. Take your eyes off your shoes and fix it on the horizon with a plan in mind for your business 5-10-15 years from now.

    I am full fledged hardscaper and it is tough. But your view DBS Hardscaper is all yours. What makes me even more work challenged is we offer no concrete product services. All Natural stone.

    My point... I have a plan, am meeting( and missing some of )my goals, tweaking where we need to, and booking projects for next year this fall in a tiny town in the NorthWest.

    Let's focus on the positive boys and girls!

    Did a 'dirt farmer' insult a 'lawn jockey'? Geez!
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    you are right on this one
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    I believe natural stone and pavers are two different worlds.

    NAtural stone is more creativity and craftsmanship, and you MUST have an eye for the work.

    Most people that dabble in hardscapes lack in creativity. Lack In artistic abilities. I see it on this forum, I see it in real life.

    Stone work - of course you have competition, but you're not saturated with competition.

    There was an article in the Washington Post of two guys backyard that was transformed with stone. Very impressive work. I'll have to see if the Washington Post has on online link to the article.

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    DVS..As contractors we know this. 95% of most home owners don't know beans about what we are qualified to do or not. They just call APPLES & Bananas Landscaping and believe they are qualified to do ANYTHING outside of the paint on their home. I update my website every year trying to clean up my views and services to educate the potential client to hire us over the 'Apples' company. There are a few clients every year that 'get it' and hire us because they did the research, and those are my best customers that help build a business for the future.

    Low ballers and Handy Men don't even see the light of day for the work we do, and you do, and others. It is the little stuff they get under 5k that probably frustrates us. The missing small jobs between the big ones.....

    Post a link if you can. I love seeing what people are doing around the country.
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    I'm not talking about contractors who offer services for a lower cost. These are true competitors that we all have to compete against whether through reducing costs, providing better service or finding a niche. I was talking about people who "underbid" a job. They bid a job for less than what it is worth (THEIR cost + profit) just so they can get the job. These are not competitive bids based on one companies lean operational cost that allows them to do jobs for less. These are companies that make minimal if any profit on a job just so they can win the bid.
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  7. jonesy5149

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    i have a great one......... handy man style bid a job at 15670.00 and then i get the call back to come give one more chance at the job...... what????? ok so i went he had a plan there for his guy and said he can do this for 7300.00 haaaaaaaaaaa im out and there it is ill stay home and lose money instead of going there to lose money..
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    Miring in the labyrinth about this is affecting your spirit in negative ways. Let this stuff drag you down and you'll wear it on your face when the potential client opens their door and greets you.

    Let it go....

    I had a guy at Home Depot come running up to me for advice for plumbing fixtures for a job he got as a 'Handy Man'! My assistant and I nicely told him we were Dirt Farmers, not plumbers. Then laughed as he ran across the parking lot to the next contractor truck.

    I am much happier hanging out at home losing money like Jonesy5149... especially when I can take time to enjoy my own landscape for once!
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    :):):)yes sir:):):):)
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    It's funny, just the other day in this topic I was writing about how most hardscapers lack the ability to work with stone. And I wrote about how most hardscapers lack creativity.

    Ok, now I hate rude, loud people. On the other hand, I take this industry seriously. If I see or hear something that is wrong - I'll speak up. With that said, I know there is a chance this person may lurk / participate on this forum, and I may be opening up a can of worms.

    Today I was bored and surfing the net on my phone. I cam across a local guy's advertisement on the web. His pics came up and my eyes went straight to this picture (see below).

    Ok, so there is a bunch of text talkin about his business, yadda yadda yadda.

    I came across this line!!! Which I find comical - considering the picture shown below, as well as other pics of mis-textured, bland work on his ad.

    " The level of overall design talent and professional expertise we have on our staff within our Landscape Design and Sales Department is truly impressive, and is unmatched by our competitors."

    Ok, now the only reason I'm posting is is because I was just writing about how *so called* hardscapers don't have a clue about design and artistic abilities. Low and behold 2 days later this photo pops up! LOL

    This pic shows nothing but a PILE of rocks with water running between them. I see this all the time. Not from this company, but I mean in general. I dont even know what you call it. It doesn't at all look natural. It's choppy! It's HIDEOUS. Absolutely positively pathetic. The (omit the 4 letter swear word here) light isn't even straight!!! For someone to use such a pic on their advertisement - they must truely believe it's a job well done. An example of why it's important to educate the client and take the time to inform them of what we're about......and what we're NOT about.

    Elections were just yesterday. All the candidates boast how they'll lower taxes, make a smaller gov't, and create jobs. LOL - seems all us business owners boast how we're the best. I think I'll let our customers and prospective customers be the judge of whether we're the best or not. Pictures are worth a thousand words......


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