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Discussion in 'General Industry Discussions' started by RayFinkle, Jun 12, 2010.

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    Well I started my 1st job last year which was a summer job mowing lawns at a college nearby. I got trained on a 52' Scag walk behind w/velkie. I did that, trimmed, 21'd, and other various things.

    But I came back this summer and now they have me mowing with it full time and we've been working 10 hour days for about 6 weeks now trying to keep up with the grass. Last year I did more than that one thing so my hands were fine, but now I'm mowing with it 10 hours a day and it sucks.

    it has those pistol grips btw.

    Does the same thing happen yo you guys, or will your hands eventually get " broke in " ?
  2. 93Chevy

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    If you strengthen your forearms and upper arms, you won't have that problem as much, especially your forearms. Clench your fist and watch the muscles in your forearm. Those are the muscles that you need to work and develop in order to alleviate the stress on your hands.
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    I can mow most of the day with my belt-drive Scag with pistol grips and my forearms don't hurt, but my hands hurt a little bit. Never while I'm working though, only in the evening or the next morning. I suspect it's arthritis or something. I do keep a very nice collection of calluses for your viewing pleasure, however.....
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    I've seen arthritis cases at various ages from people. Some get it young, some get it when they are older.

    I used to use a Bachtold (sp?) old school brush mower when I was younger. I would go around the edges of fields cutting brush with it. The pistol grip sucked and along with the vibration my hands, they would hurt big time at the end of the day.

    Try to relax your grip on the mower a bit if you can. The clenching is what makes it worse. If you have a bad night then take a couple Advil to bring down the swelling in your hands.

    Hopefully you'll get partially used to it, but some people don't. Sounds like your boss needs to upgrade to a ZTR in order to make mowing more efficient for you.
  5. ShooterK2

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    My hands never hurt bad enough to even think about taking pills for the pain. It's just a minor inconvenience, and only happens sometimes. Oh, and my boss (me) has "upgraded" to a ZTR (see my signature), but I only use it when needed. I love my Scag. Thanks for your concern, however.

    I used to ride Harleys and would have the same issues. Vibrations from the grips make your hands numb after a while, and you know they'll be hurting later.
  6. White Gardens

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    Don't be bull headed about over-the-counter pain pills. There is nothing wrong with taking them. Just like anything though, take as needed and don't over-do it. I did a 4 ton rock job and 12 yard mulch job back to back last week. Needless to say my hands hurt pretty bad from pushing the wheel-barrow. If it wasn't for ibuprofen I probably wouldn't have gotten to sleep one night.
  7. ShooterK2

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    Oh, I didn't mean I wouldn't take them if I needed to. My hands just don't hurt that bad. If it was bad enough that I thought I might lose sleep, sure, I'd take something. Like you said, nothing wrong with that. After those to jobs back-to-back, I bet your hands WERE hurting!
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    You may be in the wrong line of work....
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    Get out now. I have carpul tunnel to the extremes. Wear braces on your wrists, tell you doctor you need a bucket of neproxen. Its non narcotic "i think" and it takes down swelling fast. And tell your partner your not designated weedwacker!!!! Good luck

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