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    I will tell you why this never took off.<br>ITS A BAD IDEA<br>Look if chuck is overwelmed by this site then change it to a payed site. the lurkers wont pay and thats the end of discussion.<br>By the shear nature of this site what benifits one another is each other. Now no harm intended by the host is just the host with out all the people posting this site wouldnt be jack.<br>Now ELM gives alot of his time, do we now need a fund raiser for him?? How about me I post in the plowing section 2-5x a day, and have spoken with and helped numerous people. Dont I deserve a fund raiser?? How about you Phil?? How about everybody for that matter?<br>Maybe what we have here Phil is a matter of hurt feelings since your brain child idea flopped.<br>Now dont get me wrong I am more than happy to help out, and volunteer alot of our time in our community. So I would be more than happy to pay my way in this forum, however dont expect everyone to just get a hold of your idea and run with it. Perhaps what is really holding this back is the fact it was your idea, dont know just a thought
  2. crew

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    Just mailed my original pledge of 10.00 assuming Chuck picked &quot;dance&quot; over &quot;top&quot;.<br>I tend to agree that the pressure is getting a bit heavy handed.Having said that, step up to plate all you price shoppers and drop a dime for a worthy cause.<br>Thanks again Chuck.
  3. turfquip

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    <br>That's heresy plow wonder the thread got yanked. How dare you espouse such beliefs!<br>
  4. Administrator

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    the thread got yanked because it was a double post.. no need to leave the same thread all over the place.<p>
  5. Nilsson Associates

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    The idea for Chuck's vacation fund was a good idea and is still a good idea. Had the registered members came forward ... it would have been painless ... just $3.50 each to do <br>a good thing for a deserving person. So far we didn't get the numbers expected so the reason for a higher pledge. <p>
  6. snow

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    I agree 100% with dino. this site was free to begin with, so why do you expect over 900 users to pledge $3.50 or more. most are just lurkers, and just pretend to ignore the post. This whole plot was just a gimmick to try and raise your rep so you can sell some books. And the people that already pledged, you ask then for even more money,you've got a nerve. this boat was sunk before it set sail. overall, did u really expect people to help you out phil? get it through your head that this trip went down the drain!!<p>Bryan
  7. southside

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    Rather disapointing that this worthy cause<br>has degenerated into a nasty little bun fight. Starting to sound like bloody 10 year<br>olds.<br>Phil, I agree with all members sending $3.50<br>but why should the people who offered to send<br>this amount then pay a whole lot more,due<br>torichardhead parasite lurkers.Isn't that just<br>punishing the regular members?<p>Karl<p><p><font size="1">Edited by: administrator
  8. Nilsson Associates

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    Bryan,<br>I did expect more. Not for myself, but for Chuck. I'm not here to sell books, I'm here to sell people on maybe stepping forward to support a good cause. If you don't think the cause is worthy, well you're entitled to your opinion. I never expected to overcome attitudes, ignorance, go nowhere comments all of the crying and fussing that has resulted from making this effort. What I did expect was that folks put aside their selfishness ... just this one time ... to pay tribute to the host for making this site possible. Some people have acted very big about this ... some people have acted very small about this. It's a shame.<p>To the many who have pledged ... thank you.
  9. Greenkeepers

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    Phil-<p>Find the number of people who are willing to give what it takes to get Chuck on the big boat (as long as it's reasonable). Maybe as Chuck sugguested look for a 3-5 day cruise to save a few bucks. <p>You should have never expected the all the members to give in. The majority of them probably don't ever come here any more. <p>I'm in!!!<p>Mike <br>Greenkeepers
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    I sent my $50. This site has helped me build a better company and I thank everyone for that.<p>I could care less how Chuck spends the money. Cruise or whatever... go buy dinner and a movie for all I care.<p>RE: SNOW<p>This idea has not failed. I have helped out and that makes me feel good knowing that I can return the favor. Phil has not promotted his books a single time. As a matter of fact I think your the first to bring that up. I thought we were trying to help our Chuck here.. did Phil ever mention us sending him money for a vacation?<p>

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