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sounds cool, any one else think so??


LawnSite Member
just noticed that turf magazine forum. I hope it is up and running soon so i will get a chance to check it out(like let me check my watch, uh ok 12 more days), I love turf magazine, very informative. anyone else think this is great??

Eric ELM

Husband, Father, Friend, Angel
Chicago, IL USA
I think it's a great magazine. :D I am also looking forward to this new forum.


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I think Turf and Pro Mags are 2 of the best, most informative publications for us out there. I enjoy reading the profiles of companies (usually very big and very successful $$$$$) to learn of their mistakes and do's and dont's. I also like the tips that are given on certain aspects of the business that I'm not so educated on.


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Both magazines are very useful. And to top it off there FREE! What more could you ask for.


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Flint, Michigan
There is also Grounds Maintenance Magazine. I ordered it a few weeks ago, but haven't got it yet! Does anyone else get this?


LawnSite Bronze Member
SE Pennsylvania
Grounds Maintenance is also a great mag, but I think it needs some work to catch up to the information in Turf and Pro. Those two are by far the best trade publications out there that I have seen! Lots of information on how to run and compete in this business.

P.S. Anyone see the article on mulching leaves in this months Grounds Maintenance? Looks like it's proven that mulching leaves and leaving them (pun intended) is not as harmful as once thought. Think I'll give it a try this season. Although I'm sure there will be some which need manual removal, but not as much as I once did!

Jerrys Lawn Service

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I got my first issue of Grounds Maintenance this month I like PRO much more, but may be too soon to judge. I saw the article about mulching leaves, looks like we been doing it
right all along!

Good Luck!