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    Im going ft lawn care op this season I cant have a trailer for spacial reasons but have a safe place to park..Ill be carrying a 36 and 21 trimmer edger etc my worry is that Im driving an 89 1500 silverado 2wd and thats alot of weight for it I cant get the 3/4 ton right now bc of start up costs but Im going to have the brakes checked over on this one is there anything I could do to make this truck carry the load w/o so much wear, anything to beef up the suspension?
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    I dont think you'll have a problem,all that stuff together cant be more than 8-900 lbs,unless im wrong.Most 2wd full size trucks have about 14-1700 lbs total payload,the stripper models can carry more,if you subtract your weight from this,you have your approximate #.Keep the rear brakes adjusted tight and make sure rear tire pressure is at the max on the sidewall,you should be fine.
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    This ones got 151000 miles on it and Im trying to baby it...thanks for the tip!

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