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Discussion in 'Landscape Lighting' started by JimLewis, Apr 9, 2013.

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    I just looked at his 20 connection pack. $5 per connection? It only takes me about 2 minutes to cut down a 4' stick of shrink into 3" long pieces. That's not a lot of time invested but to each their own. I am sure they are just fine, but I don't see the increased value or a technologically superior reason to spend more on them needlessly.

    On the issue of adhesive amount from I will agree with you on this one. I do wish they had a bit more in their sleeves, but since I am usually only making small connections with them and not using them for hubs or large junctions, there is a sufficient amount for most applications. Potato-pot~ato
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    I'm only using the small Lighting Shrink, which comes out to about $2 per connection (2 wires). I don't often need the Medium or Large connectors.
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    What started Lightingshrink is we experienced at Botanical lighting our first melting/ burning connection in 1995- the bottom of a deck had caught fire with a supplied in the box connector. At that point Botanical Lighting was about 3 years old and we were pretty scared. Even though my family business was electrical contracting we weren't properly respecting how high the amps can be in lower voltage applications,especially when yanked on by landscapers after we have gone or even simply fatigued hands initially making the connections loose.

    To save our business We started testing all connection processes over 21 years time; wire nuts that we filled, wire nuts that came filled, insulated Butt connectors that we sealed the ends to non insulated Butt connectors where we sealed the whole thing. We tested copper Ferrel and tubes.

    Botanical Lighting visits and maintains approximately 15,000 lighting fixtures per year. (a portion of these are revisits) We have found failures start to really occur after the 7-8 year mark...We learned a reliably tight crimping tool assists fatigued hands over time and all Heat Shrink is not even close to being equal, this took us years to prove with field failures. We heat with trigger handle activated (hot regardless of wind) "Mapp Gas" for speed which you can do because the jacket is tough.

    The other side is We know first hand when the jobs don't roll in as much as we would like (or even when they are) it is still tempting to look for savings everywhere. It just seemed too expensive to us to try and save in that particular area of the business. We just couldn't rationalize going back and digging out landscaping and pavers looking for failed connections let alone the melting/ burning component- we have so many other problems to deal with. So basically what we learned/tested over time at Botanical Lighting is the process and components that make up Lightingshrink.

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