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Discussion in 'Irrigation' started by Remote Pigtails, Jan 18, 2007.

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    While I am waiting for LAWNSITE to set up my button I thought I would further introduce myself. I have been licensed to do irrigation in Texas since 1979. I gave up installation 10 years into my business because service and repairs was not only more profitable it fit my business personality better. I purchased my first remote at least 15 years ago to help me keep up with the workload. Many of you may remember that big clunky RAINMASTER that you had to recharge. Cost, if I remember right, over 2000 dollars. For many years we hooked up a pigtail and then took it off because of the pigtail cost. Three years ago I found someone to manufacturer them for us at a very reasonable price. This allows us to hook up a pigtail and leave it for the next service call. I cannot tell you how much it impresses customers to be able to walk through the job with me and it allows me to show problems and sell additional work. I have been selling these for two years through ads in LANDSCAPE and IRRIGATION as well as TURF. I have not had a single one returned. My web site is I hope to also be a good provider of info in regards to remote hookups and other questions.

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    Hey Peter. How's it going. Good to see you on this site. Hope all is going well for you.
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    Let's do lunch
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    Can your guy make the Adapt-1 (4-5 wires only with special end pieces) that plugs into an Irritrol MC-Plus controller's circuit board and then attaches through the controller box for plugging in an Eicon remote? I saw the same adapter on Irrigation Remotes Com but I can't seem to be able to get to them today or I'd post an URL and their part number. I'd be looking at getting a price on 100 of them.
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    I can't get through either. They can make pretty much anything I show them. If you have one you can spare mail it to me and I'll get it to them and send it back asap. I'll reimburse your mailing costs. If not lets get the part number and I'll order one through a local supply house. In my catalog I think you are referring to part # 01382.
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    I showed my manufacturer a picture of what I believe you are looking for and he said he didn't see any problem making them. He needs to see one before he can give me a price. Unfortunately the Eicon is not very common in Dallas area and none of my suppliers had one for me to show him. If anybody here in Dallas has one contact me and I'll give you a free 12 station pigtail for borrowing it.

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