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    Yeah, but years, 5 and 6 all the local guys will go, "hhmmmm that looks like it will do better than I thought I think I can keep my guys busy doing lights" and run to home depot and charge a small portion of what you do because they have no idea how much it is worth, costs or the dangers involved with being on ladders and roof's in November and December.
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    Tim - I had the same problem with the software. It's not your computer's memory, it's a problem with the software and Windows 7. Call Mike. He will send you a patch by e-mail and it will work fine.
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    I will say that yes, we probably have influenced many companies that they can do this too. there is a crazy amount of folks doing lights in my area. but we seem to stand out as the experts, so we continue to close work at good prices.

    I would tell all folks out there that seem to be the first folks in your area doing this- do a great job and market your company very hard the first 3-5 years, as the competition will ramp up as they see you doing this.

    I'm afraid I don't do the HBL software so I can't help much there.

    we use a graphic design company to do our postcards with photos of actual houses we do Christmas and landscape lights on. we print at I am going to send out around 20000 Christmas light postcards, 2 different designs of 10000 each, this year spread over many mailings using eddm.
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    Hey there -- I just wanted to give you some information about our Postcards in case you are interested. We can provide the design, printing, list & postage for 5,000 9x6 full color postcards with our Stick-It enhancement for $0.28 per piece.

    The post offices new mailing service that is $0.14 each is great too but it does have size restrictions of I believe 4x6 & you you can only mail 5,000 at a time. You are also responsible for sorting them the way they require & bundling them etc. A lot of our customers have decided to have us print & mail them after trying a round on their own because it can be a pain dealing with the post office.

    Either way we are happy to just print & send them to you to finish for the post office -- or we can provide the service start to finish.

    Let me know if you have any neighborhoods you are wanting to pinpoint.. I can send you some counts & get you moving & ready for the upcoming season.

    Robin Christopherson
    Adeas Printing
    866-778-4254 ext 200

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