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sources for Rocks


LawnSite Bronze Member
morristown, nj
Hello,<p>I'm putting together some designs and am looking to incorporate some large boulders into the design. <p>My question is this. Where I work, its a swamp, and every boulder that I could pull I have already used. There are just none on site, so I am figuring out a way to get some. <p>I guess to clarify, I'm looking for boulders in the range of 4-5 ft . I'm not sure of weight, but I want the biggest ones I can get that a 580 can move. If I can only drag them around with the hoe, thats alright too. I figured as long as they can dump them close to where I need them, I can move them enough. Just can't be too big that I need bigger equip.<p>I was wondering where, if any of you guys do work like this, you get your supplies from. I was looking into stone yards, but to pay per pound seems ridiculous. <p>My best thoughts were to go around to local construction sites and see if they had any laying around. They always do, and it seems like they end up having to get rid of them anyway, so maybe they would just deliver them to my site. <p>I've seen some real 'character' rocks that would look perfect for what i want to do at local building sites only a few miles away. I would love to get my hands on them. Just don't know how to approach the matter. <p>I'd figure they may even truck them over for free since they have to get rid of them anyway. If not, maybe I could just bring one of our trucks over, and since they have excavators on site, they could just load them right up there. <p>Really have no idea what the 'proper' approach would be to asking someone to take their rocks, or what kind of pricing for that matter. <p>Any ideas appreciated.<p>steveair<p>


Lawnsite Addict
Steveair, We buy our stone from quarrys right now we are paying $87-150 per ton for grainte boulders sizes range 12&quot; to 48&quot; hard part of boulders is trucking not many guys want to truck them (beat the hell out over the trucks) If you need boulders real bad e-mail me and I'll see what cost to you would be<p>----------<br>paul<br>


LawnSite Bronze Member
No.VA, zone 7
If you are interested in a boulder source in central PA, e-mail me. They have lots of sizes and will haul.<p>----------<br>Lanelle<br>


LawnSite Bronze Member
Ray Rogers in Michigan has some beautiful grindstone that is only quarried in Michigan (nowhere else in country) - they ship. They have a website, too. rayrogers.com, I believe.<p>