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souteastern MI questions- overseeding

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I just want to know what is a good time to aerate and over seed in the spring. I am looking to aerate a customers lawn next Tuesday. I will also be over seeing and putting down starter fertilizer for the seed. Am I doing this to early?? The reason I want to do it now is because I am planning on starter to cut the second or third week in April and I want to give the seed proper time to grow before the first cut of the season. Any suggestions would be helpful. Thanks.
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I will give this my best shot but someone may be correcting me on a couple things. You can seed now but I don't think the soil temp is high enough in your area for it to germinate. So, yes a little early. Aerating in the spring is also a bit risky as you open up the soil for weeds. You can aerate and then put down pre-emerge but then you really can't seed. With what you want to do fall is really just so much better. Plus, in the spring with all the top growth you will be having to cut every 4-5 days so you are going to be trampling over whatever seed does germinate.

If I HAD to do this sooner than later I would hold off on my pre-emerge, wait till late spring when all the crazy top growth has slowed down a bit and then probably slit-seed it two ways. But as said before fall is just so much better.
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