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souteastern MI questions- overseeding

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I just want to know what is a good time to aerate and over seed in the spring. I am looking to aerate a customers lawn next Tuesday. I will also be over seeing and putting down starter fertilizer for the seed. Am I doing this to early?? The reason I want to do it now is because I am planning on starter to cut the second or third week in April and I want to give the seed proper time to grow before the first cut of the season. Any suggestions would be helpful. Thanks.
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i had a new customer call me for a aerating/seed job too yesterday. i was a bit suprised and explained to him that he would be alot happier with the results in the fall. he took my advice and i actually got a new bi-weekl cutting account out of it too! lol i could have been one of those guys who would have just done it anyway for the money, but i will make more off the biweekly cuts and hopefully have him to aerate in the fall. good luck man
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