South Carolina?

Discussion in 'Network: South' started by Junior M, Jan 7, 2009.

  1. johnnyb01

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    new guy here, planning on starting a small (rural Horry County) LCO after the first of the year if not before...gonna start out trying to focus on properties aprox an acre and larger.
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    Welcome aboard! Now its time to start doing your homework...
  3. TinMan1

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    Rural Horry county here also. Good luck plenty of land
  4. johnnyb01

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    yeah, I read further down on that same page and it did specificly say that lawn care was exempt, however if you sold a sig amount of actual "products" (i would guess fert, sod, landscape plants exc) then you needed register and collect sales tax on that portion of your business...
  7. davidbrandee

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    New guy here from Lexington, SC. Wasn't sure if you HAD to own or work for a landscape company to view this site or its forum, so I figured i'd sign up and see who yells at me.

    Live in Lexington, SC and just built a house in Lexington. Lawn is HORRIBLE! It died before we even moved in (well, most of it died). SO....they decided to fertilize it a month help. In some spots, the weeds are crazy. Looks like crabgrass and some type of vine weed (swear it looks like a watermelon will be growing soon!) and some other week with red flowers or buds or something on it.

    Is it too late to kill these weeds? I have bermuda grass by the way.
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  8. johnnyb01

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  9. Junior M

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    If you ever need any help with anything. Let me know. I am on that side of town a lot..

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    Hey guys! Checking in from hartsville, sc... small company thats growing fast :)
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