south fl craigslist ad ... anybodys ?

Discussion in 'Stolen Equipment' started by ACME LANDSCAPE, Feb 9, 2013.


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  2. Holland

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    Good looking out. That ad seems very shady.
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  3. Ray_Lawns

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    Look how there is paint on some of the yet not on the others, may be from two companies.
  4. Forever Green Landscaping

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    The price isn't extremely cheap at $125 per piece but it looks like 1/4 of the equipment has tags on the handle like you would get when you service your equipment and with that amount of pieces I would guess they hit a repair shop
  5. ToddH

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    As mentioned, so blue paint and some green paint and some plain. The one in the front has some yellow marking / lettering or numbering on it.

    I can almost smell smoke.
  6. inzane

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  7. Dakota Dog

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    Interesting that the craigs list post has now been deleted by its author.
  8. ToddH

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    I deleted an ad as well after the items sold.

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