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Discussion in 'Landscape Maintenance' started by dleonard77, May 9, 2011.

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    I'm a landscaper from New Jersey and am branching down into south florida to start up a property/estate management business. Not being from around here, I was wondering if anyone had any tips, advice, or warnings as to what I should do regarding what herbicides and pesticides should be applied on high quality lawns, and what the whole process is as far as removing and planting different types of annuals and perennials. I feel like the general upkeeps: lawn cutting, edging, mulching, bush trimming, power washing, etc. are pretty much the same as that of up north, but any advice as to how I can make this a success would be greatly appreciated.
  2. What part of south Florida and do you already have accounts lined up? Things are waaayyy dif in Florida than NJ.
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  3. j-ville native

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    wear sunscreen
  4. dleonard77

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    It's generally around the West Palm Beach area. And I have several realtors that are using me for accounts and hooking me up with jobs. What are some of the major differences that I'd have to deal with down here?
  5. Palm beach island?? First off, if you aren't licensed you can't spray. Secondly, if you have to ask what to use on high maintenance turfs, you may want to think twice about doing those types of accounts. If you are going to be maintaining zoysia, Bermuda, seashore paspalum, you need a reel mower. Second, the ornamentals in Florida vary greatly and all require different pruning. Do you have any specifics??
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  6. dleonard77

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    Well, I have talked to several lawyers down here, and they told me the licenses would be easy for me to obtain..It seems that the maintenance on the lawns would be the biggest thing for me. I never even though reel mowers would be used on some of these large estates and properties. What is the main reason as to why i would be using those over gas mowers?
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    Not the Pest Control Operator's license. You will have to work 3 years under another license holder that will not mind that you will become his competitor. The reason why you will need a reel mower on bermuda, seashore paspalum, and zoysia is the height of cut. Correct maintenance of those grasses includes 3-7 day mowings at height of cut under 1". All of the cute standing mowers, z mowers, etc are the wrong tool for the job. You do not use a rotary mower on those grasses unless the appearance of the lawn will not be an issue. I speak from the fact that most of the fine lawns in Hawaii are one of those 3 grasses.
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    Gas powered reel mowers cut the grass much shorter and cleaner than a rotary would ever dream of.
  9. dleonard77

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    What are the general restictions of sprays, pesticides, and herbicides on the island. Is there a website about the different licenses and restrictions for the island? I am not planning on doing to much work immediately on the island, but eventually i plan to. On the mainland however, I plan to start getting some property management accounts asap. is there also a website or any suggestions you have about what i should do with sprays and lawn fertilizers or pesticides on a regular basis on peoples properties. I fell the general maintence isnt to rough, but i want to become familiar with the various types of plants and how to maintain them and so-forth...
  10. Not sure what licenses they are referring to, so you need to be more specific. With all do respect, you really need to do more research. If you are talking about working on big estates, you better be on your A game. The fact that you don't know why you need a reel mower is a cause for concern. Not trying to be rude, but you will be in for a rude awakening if you are just thrown into accounts like what you are describing.
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