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  1. i dig it inc

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    i like to introduce my self and my service
    my name i motty(mo) and i'm the owner/operator of "i dig it,inc"
    i start as landscaping employee 25 years ago in "Israel"
    did landscape installation, irrigation, water element, rooftop garden.
    want on having my own landscaping service for 10 years.
    specializing in irrigation, and landscaping installing.
    took a brake for two years.
    want back as general manger for large landscaping company,
    got big contract with municipal, resorts.
    and here i'm back as "excavating service"
    i start my new adventure, by creating unique service for landscaper contractor
    thank you
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  3. i dig it inc

    i dig it inc LawnSite Member
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    thank you

    i'm working on setting price list for my services
    what you guys willing to pay by hour/day?
    most of my job right now are for plumber electrician
    i charge them set up fee-$100 and $50/hour or $450/day
    thank you

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