South Georgia Lawn & Landscape Maintenance Start-up

Hey, I am looking to a part-time possible a full-time lawn and landscape maintenance business. I have a full-time job, now, but I have a passion for being outside and work with my hands. I used to do lawn care when I was in school to get my school items and stuff. I am going to start solo... I had brought a few tools and equipment over the last year or so. But I am need of some good information on: what do you need to start a company? what are some tools and equipment that may need now and the future? what is a good size trailer to get: open or enclosed? what legal information or form I may need? what are some great adverting ideas to do to get customers? And any good advice you all may have a newbie....



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Oklahoma City OK
I'm not going to be able to help on the equipment stuff but on the legal side you might want to look into an LLC. LLC's help protect you from someone suing you for personal assets, but there's nothing stopping you from just doing work and getting paid. It's called a sole proprietorship, but generally LLC's are the best practice, you just might need some help.

I think people would tell you ads are some of the hardest thing, getting customers many will come word of mouth but to get started use some of the free options online. Things like google places, Facebook business pages and craigslist are free advertising, also my site offers free business listings :) Get people to link to your stuff on Facebook, all this helps you get going, but marketing your services isn't easy.