South Jersey area Deere skid steer and track loader rentals

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    I've posted this before on craigslist, and just ended up getting a lot of spam.

    We have two machines we'd be willing to rent out daily or weekly to local contractors in south NJ areas.

    a 2010 JD 319D small frame track loader machine, 60hp, 72" bucket, 8800lbs, 146hrs
    and a 2011 JD 332D large frame 95hp skid steer machine, 84" bucket, 9000lbs, 90hrs

    Both machines are like new, i have multiple buckets, grapple, tooth bucket, construction buckets 72-84" and high capacity buckets for mulch etc. Have heat/AC, cab, eh joystick controls. We have an inland marine insurance policy to cover the machines, but you'd have to supply your own when they're rented just like the dealer would require, with us named as insured for $50,000 est value max per machine.

    With insurance, daily rates would be $350.00 each machine. I'm not counting the minutes if you return it 5 minutes late, but generally would be able to pick it up any time after 7am and drop it back off prior to 7pm or the next morning.

    For a 7 day week, $1,400.00 or about $200/day. We can accept cash, check or credit card with drivers license copy and insurance cert.

    If you do not have insurance for it, we can provide it for an additional cost.

    We can provide delivery and pickup if needed too, but all you'd need is a 16' or larger, 14k GVW equipment trailer that has about 80" wide width between the wheelwells pulled by a 3/4 ton or larger truck-diesel for your own sake.

    Feel free to email or PM me if you're interested. This is probably cheaper than most equipment rental companies, and if not, considering that our local rental house offers a bob cat thats 5000lbs , with a value of no more than $10,000 with 4000hrs on it, no cab and probably 35hp for $290 a day... its not a bad deal. Anything over weekly rentals would just be worked out per requested time basis.

    You can return them filled or we have the ability to fill after the rental for $3.65/gallon.
    Located in Burlington county NJ.

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